u better leave b4 i shoot at u!! hehehe....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Damn it.. i should post up this b4 i post up the canteen day post.

On last Saturday, i went for a hike. well. it was a 6km hike.. hmm.. i am not suppose to be there i think but juz go there and be a busybody. lol. basically, it is main for junior. I am there to help around.. I was with Julian.. not really wanna be in the same patrol with him at 1st~ coz.. i wanna be with CHING LAA!! but too bad Ching abandoned me and went with Jeremy~ so. i got no choice~ lol. i dont mean tat julian is bad k~~ On the way there, Julian found out that the patrol members are all ... chinese educated. so, their english would be as good as him. or in other word not good~~ so.. here i become useful~ i got to translate everything julian said to them and pass back their message to him (sometimes) he understand mandarin but not much~~ We went Kampung Tunku den Peaceful PArk (taman Aman) den Digital mall last but not least puay chai .. It was not tiring compare to 18km hike~~ but.. 18km hike was fulled of fun~~ this 1.. lol. bored~~ hehe.. but basically. it was ok~~ congratez to tat patrol. u are not last~ but.. too bad to kah hoo's patrol~~ haha.. bao mei~~ but. who cares? as long as u finish ur log book, u can pass the test~~ blinkz~~~

On tat nite, we went campfire. hmm.. didnt bath den went there de~~ coz we were late for the campfire due to the hike~ the campfire were great but doesnt seem like a campfire. more to a gathering~~ Wad they performed were all singing and dancing. den asked us to go out and dance~~ 17th PJ? ofcoz we did.. and i am so hyper tat nite~~ lol. to long didnt go for camofire de~~ juz because i am so high, yee en keep kacau me!! and yet, he throwed the bottle to me~~ I cant stand his attitude anymroe so i cried~ ahahhaa.. at the end, he pay his apology and ofcoz i still being hyper and rock tat nite~~

ohh.. For ur infomation, i got the best entertainer award ( juz a ice lemon tea ) lol. anyway. thankz for tat~~


haha.. finally. the very bz moment had passed~~ hari kantin was over this Monday. the day b4 it, Sunday. i was so busy. brought the old fridge to skool den went pasar bought chicken and ingredient. due to some problem, i cant get the main ingredient. so from sea park pasar, me, kian and kinz walked to ss2 pasar.. but at the end, still back to sea park pasar to collect our chicken ( 17kg chicken) it was heavy!! After finish buying everything.. we walked back to skool and put everything in fridge.. stayed in skool till 3.00p.m. coz me and kinz had to come out with the structure and clean up the mess in the kitchen. After an hour, Karmun went skool to meet us for shopping later. not shpping for clothes but food~~~ Bought everything in Giant till 7.00p.m. Too bad Giant didnt sell maltose so Me and kinz have to go all around PJ juz to look for tat. at the end, we bought it in somewhere.

The night was tough. I cleaned all the chicken den chopped them to pieces b4 marinated~ It is not easy. I spend around 4 hours juz to finish this task......

On Monday, we still have to go for the damn fucking assembly. i hate assembly. It is a waste of time. If i am the HM, i wont wan to have it in my skool juz to Syok sendiri and make the students hate me~~ The preparation on tat day was suck~~ but the ending was great. Conclusion, It was the best canteen day~~ i enjoy the afternoon session ~ it was cool, fun and.. filled with joy!!

Monday, June 9, 2008


The anger came.. wad happened? i dunno. but the mood is wrong. unhappy with something. but i am not sure wad is tat..
study? no.. not this.
love? no.. i wont care about this..
i really dunno wad is wrong with me. maybe. the loneliness. i am always alone. now a dayz. very sad. pissed.. is tat good to hide ur feeling all the time? i dunno..

Sunday, June 8, 2008

SEE~~ back.. posting again~~ why? ask li ching the panda who keep rushing me to post post post.. haizz.. Ching. i noe u love me~~ hahaaa. At this moment, i got nothing to talk about. this week, the last week of holiday, i didnt get out from my house but stay in my study and flipping books. Add math, kinda disappointed. i not really understand. if i take those subjects as my concubines, i am the king. den i will say i already abandon addmath this concubine and if i am allowed, i will chop her head off!! Yes, i am still in love with latin and bakery. But too bad, my centre is moving soon. not bankrap ahh!! so. i have to get a new centre soon. should i back to my old centre? the 1 beside mcd? well, i was there only for 2 months. Bakery, Kinz asked me can teach him not. But the prob is learn how to make a cake is not easy. well is easy if u juz wanna make a plain 1 but if u wan something like tiramisu den kinda hard. coz the cost is kinda high. So at the end, i didnt teach him anything about bakery.

I forgot whether i post up this b4. 2 weeks b4 the holiday, kin meng has turns into a poor boy. What he had everyday after school was BREAD. BREAD and again BREAD. This is because he spend all his pocket money on phone~ so, this is what i called dai sei.. hahaha.. On 1 of the Friday, huey lin came to the scout's den and passed kinz a container~ when he opened it up, it was BREAD again -.-''.. but what huey lin said was. hey this is the bread i made especially for u. see wad i put inside. got KAYA and peanut butter~ When kinz finish the bread, the 1st word he said was. i never see people put salty peanut butter and sweet kaya together b4. LOL.. huey lin, wad a good recipe. ~

Back to the 1st week of holiday, the seniors went to ULU Yam for camp. i didnt go for tat because all of them are guyz. and u expert me a gal to be there?? halo. i noe baboon can survive with boys. but see. how u bath? hot u go toielt? with a guy beside u?? lol. but at the end, i went on the 2nd day and overnite there. how i went there? lol. i took KTM to rawang den mini bus to Ulu Yam Bahru. after i reached there, i looked for my ex neighbour in ulu yam and asked her to bring me there. so she brought me there with motorcycle. LoL.. for ur infomation, i am a ulu yam people last time when i stayed with my grandma for 2 years. hehe.. b4 we reached the campsite, we got lost. i dunno where they are so, i called yee en. and yee en was having lesson at tat time so he asked me called Foong Chuan. so did i~ And. at the end. we reached there while the wind and rain water dropping on me and auntie~ lol. On tat nite, we played monopoly, chor dai di. hey.. dont play play. i am good in both~ and the loser for monopoly and chor tai di was the same fella. KARSING!! lol. this shown tat man who is good in photography dumb in everything. jk jk.. Because i am there, so i have to cook. so on tat nite, we cook what we have. and congratulation we finished everything. hmm.. i mean they finish everything~ last day, Foon Chuan came and fetched us down to Kampung Gurney, the orang asli place and wait for bus to go home~~ and yea.. i am home~ LoL, Last saturday was Vincy concert in Genting. i won 2 tickets from 8e news. so i went there and collected my tickets. the office is cool~ colorful. took some picture, take a look urself~ blinkz~~ Yea, i didnt go for concert due to no one can company me there. so, i gave the tickets to 1 of my fren~ hehe.. how good i am. ~~

Short story~~ hmm when i am on my way to ulu yam in the mini bus, the 3 chinese people sit opposite me and they keep looking at me and this is their conversation in mandarin~

Gal 1: very hot ah today~~
Boy : yea.. hehe
Gal 2: hmm. the gal looked like malay haha..
Boy : dont simply said. later people chinese den wad u wanna do? or. she is a malay in chinese educated?
Gal 1: But she is pretty.
Boy: LoL.. yea.. she is. .

wahahhaa.. not i create 1 ahh! but is kinda happy to hear this words.. haha.. ok. pretty malay.. haha xD

Train~~ Train TRAin~~

kinda expensive~~ RM4.50~~

i still dunno why i nonit to pay for the ride~

people people people~~

This is 1 of the temple in ulu yam~

8 tV corridor~

8 e NEWS~~

u think it is neat? nah!! not really~~

vincy~~ vincy~~ weng yi~~

SEE~~ RM0>>

ok. ching.. are u happy with the post? i hope u are happy with it~~ lol..

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Everyone went somewhere during holiday. like i am so outdated here. staying at home doing nothing beside flipping books.. Damn sien.. but. cant blame anyone. who ask me not to study hard in form 4. now regret. yea is still ok to regret now. if on October only i regret den... figure it out urself lo. hehe.

Made soy bean
Soybean milk today.. hmm.. 1st time making it. is not really hard coz my mom is beside me, giving me instruction.. and i do have a soya bean blender there . not like Chen Mei make dao jiong. got to use tat very big (i dunno wad it's call..) thing to make dao jiong.

Lets pictures say the word.. lol

If u got no bean. how u make soya bean

Pour a cup of bean and 3 1/2 cups of water into the blender~

DEn.. After it is done pour out the soy bean~

Bean Dregs

Boil it~~ until. it is boiling, put in rock sugar and pandan leaf~

Grandmama dao jiong soi !!

Simple leh.. ofcoz la. with that machine, u can actually save lots of time and work~ blinkz.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

juz a post!!

FuiYoh.. do u noe wad had happened to me today~ hahaha.. i called in 8tv and so get so lucky to be their 1st caller and won back weng yi malaysia concert on 31st May!! lol.. i think i can get at least 2 tickets.. anyone wanna join me? is in Genting!! LoL.. might overnight there~~ hehehe..

Hmm.. Didnt go school today. not because i am sick or bla bla bla~~ well, evendoe i say i am sick, do u think u will believe it.. NAH!! no rite~~ caely didnt go skool bcoz she was still on bed at 1.30pm. hehe. after woke up, got nothing to do. so i had made some delicious and beautiful chrysanthemum dessert.

well. it is very easy to make. if u are interested. lol. get the recipe from me lo~ or maybe u already know how.. hehe. xD

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fuiyoh~~ examination was.. OVER!! hehehe.. nothing to be happy about dont u think so? when there is an exam, u got the motor to study, got target, got improvement in those subjects u are not good in.... but Caely is still happy with this. Ohh yea. something interesting happened on me during exams. i mean **during**..

In this warm and wonderful but filled with stress afternoon, a young gal was taking her mandarin paper in 5Cempaka located in taman sea. There was a young Malay teacher standing in front of the classroom, she keep herself looking at Caely. Maybe is because of race issue. She might thought that why there are so many Malay people taking chinese education. Maybe she plans to give this to her child in the future. At this moment, a short but loud melody was played. Not anyone else but the poor innocent Caely. the phone which she put inside the pocket rang. Just because she forgot to silent her phone and unfortunately, one of her beloved friend send her a short message to inform her something about scouts. Did teacher take action?? yes. she did. She walked to her, asked her to silent her phone and pass it to her. At this time, the candidates were laughing non stop including the victim of this case. Very big thank you to that teacher, she passed back the phone to Caely. nice teacher isn't it. hmm.. no teacher is bad but most are evil. **end**

Case 2
Not a hot, warm evening or wadever.. After the ceremony of teachers day and a long chit chat about problem kinz facing, Caely was finally back to her seat and prepare for the next paper. It was PJK. After 20 minutes of shooting, she was done with that paper and keep looking at MR T.C. wondering why there is a chinese teacher who take Malay as his profession. silent? there are no silent moment in Ixora. not a second too. but this totally break the whole class into a big laugh group. Caely's phone rang. well, this 1 was a phone call with a loud ringtone playing. she was shock. very. It was played for 10 second b4 she pressed on the keypad which show the word busy there. MR Teh looked at her. and this came out from his mouth. What should i do now. AT this time, Wesley try to get himself into this case with saying this-- they cant hear anything. LoL thank you so much Wesley.. end of the story, Mr Teh didnt take any action. What a lucky girl.

Case 3

While people are taking their chemistry paper 2, she was still on her bed. at 10.10am. she woke up and rushed to school for her Est paper. well, she didnt know that she is not allowed to take any paper if she is not in school at7.30am. no choice, with another dumb dumb, she hit to the office and try to convince the teacher-- Pn Ang. But she gave them a damn look while telling them they are allowed to take the test but no marks will be given for that paper. What can they do at this time beside taking wad she said. So, end of the story, caely and karmun failed their EST 1st time ever~~ i got A1 all the time for this easy paper k!!

Wow~~ see.. so many things happened to me during exam. hmm.. is that because i am unique enough to allow this to happen on me? lol. special in the dumb way. haha.

** i will be posting another post tomoro i hope..
IF .. IF.. kah sing. U pass me all the photo u took!! lol..**

Baboon studying for exams.

got shock when she received the call!!

well.. not she got fucked!! but lol.. special isnt it. haha xD