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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Is Baboon LesBiaN??

Lesbian Baboon. Baboon friends use to use this word to 'ZA' her. Anyway, she is not. But she know better than normal people why a girl will be a lesbian. * i am juz posting this pic for fun ok.. i am not lesbian.. lolz..

1. Get hurt in the last ' NORMAL ' love relationship.
2. Family problem
3. Interested
4. Psychological effect coz by rape cases
5. caused by genes or hormones fetal period.

Seems so pro ley... Why she know so well about lesbian? Coz she do know some lesbians... COOL..

Now is the time for ur to noe her-- the baboon ....her name is Caely, a girl.. and 16 in 2007..... Love to look at pretty girls/boys, gossiping with those stupid friends and create some stupid story... Hope to be a news reporter when she finish my schooling (well.. there will be the 1st baboon host) hehe.... She is also a scout of 17th p.j. which is a fantastic troop because there is a female baboon there... lol...

If u dun really understand what the crap is the stupid baboon typing here .. sorry la...baboon is not really good in typing using her finger... somemore her english is too baboonatic. hehe .. if u noe her, u will noe her english is like rojak... Every language can be added... haha... But, is fun to have a baboon friend... ^.^...


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