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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Baboom haD GeT oFF FroM LeSbiAN& EST crap

Lolz, good news to all my "girl friend". I am quiting from being a lesbian coz I have already feel bored of being this kind of person ( wat kind of reason is that?XD). haha.. tired la... every day got to hug this gal, kiss that gal... hehe if i am a guy, i may enjoy it la... but too bad, i am not. Well, is good to be a normal gal who will fall to a boy... atleast ur parents, teachers and frends wouldn't take u as a weird gal... hehe.. But this is still not the main reason. The main reason is I had fall to a guy... hehe... weird leh... baboon will fall to someone... lolz.. But this is truth... Wanna noe who is him ma? haha... wouldn't tell u... Xp... But he is a good, cute, smart person.. Know him since form 2, understand him when i was form 3. Lolz.. can't believe tat baboon will hmm hmm leh? haha... but this is all truth...

EST Lesson... (not really good for children and teenz below 18..XD)
I hate EST so so so much.. but now i love this lesson... it is fun to make my EST teacher blush.. haha.. Why this happen ley? Is all coz by my stupid crap started from period.... That day she was teaching word which have the same meaning. Then Jason give the same meaning word for period which is menstruation... then the guyz started to ask will the gal feel pain when they have period? She said yes.... Then i ask why the guyz don't have period.. (i noe it is a stupid question...) then she said woman and man body structure is not the same..then i was like asking alot and alot of stupid and horny question.. etc, Did adult have sex often, do u and ur husband watch porn films b4, how sperm get into the vagina, How long is their sex, who ask for it...... I not really remember how many question had i asked... but i remember that i had been more horny than Kah Ken on that lesson... OMG... I am really horny wey.... hehe.... This blog is seriously not really good for people below 18... XP..


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