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Monday, February 12, 2007

tHe BarBeCue / tRooP meETing.. / cLaSs DramA

Haiz.... i dunwan to be the patrol incharged anymore ..... it's so damn hard to organise a meeting.... summore is a cooking competition.. anyway, this is not the only activities for me in this week.... I got so much things to do... class drama.. barbecue party for my class... Omg!!! i really feel like dying... luckly there was frens supporting me at this time.... if not.. u can't c the normal baboon anymore... lol.. The day b4 Troop meeting, didn't sleep for the hoe nite .. coz got to clean those kang kong which is sooooo dirty, ... lolz... then i went to skool late.. around 8... coz i had fainted at home b4 6 ba.. Tat day me and my apl were the 1 doin flag break.. and we did it super sux.. then both of us kena 50 push up from secky again... damn malulah. senior dunno how to do flag... haiz... But is nice to enjoy the cooking with members.. I didn't get into my patrol coz i came late and Aaron juz put me into kinz patrol... quite angry at 1st.. but is super nice to join their patrol.. coz i am good in cooking(not praising truth.) and kinz and kianz was good in fire.. wat a wonderful patrol... ha ha... somemore Charmaine, Ivan, Tze horng were there... hehe... nice patrol.. and we ogt 3rd Prize for the cooking competition... Hang Tuah is the winner.. lolzz.. nevermind.. this is their last year, let them win it.. we still got alot of chance.. haha... XD

Well... Raja Bersiung --- > our class drama is super fantastic and we got 2 nd for it...Yeah...We got the best baju kebaya from kin nice...( now only i noe that kin meng love to collect this thingz... omg.. )Evendoe i look like malay after wearing 1 of the baju kebaya,( compare to all my frens.) but i really love it... coz i look like a malay pretty.. ha ha.. so perasan wey !!! Thanks to u jean and Davinia for everythings.... they are so nice to us.. do everything without complaining.. but sometimes they bcome PMS coz of us.. lol.... baboon is oso taking part in the drama.. yeah... and i am the dayang head... hehe.. But why we only have dayang in this drama.. but not sida - sida.. wanna noe why wey.. lolz...

The barbecue was ok la... not really alot of people came.. coz there was another guy birthday on the same day.. haiz.. but at least i get 17 people ... ha ha... not bad.. and somemore this is a class party... we enjoyed the party so much... there was beers and wine around.. no 1 is drunk.. ha ha... nothing dirty happen tat nite.. lolz.. But then i told every 1 hu the person i like. . lolz.. i dun mind la.. coz i wanna tell him oso... c 1st la.. haha. Valentines is coming.. dunno who is the 1 who gonna celebrate with me.. he he... tell u in the next post ba..


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