u better leave b4 i shoot at u!! hehehe....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


---sorry lulu* tingz... i skipped skool todae... can't have PJK with u... sad case... haiz... promise i will never skip skool again.. lol.. this friday go wai sek gai for dinner k... yummy food.. haha..

bathed my dog juz now.. this gal ... damn pro in running.. can join doggy MSSD de.. lol... well.. her name is becky.. is 4++ years old now.. female.. pregnant b4.. but.. her ex owner *american* had brought her to the vet.. and take away the baby... iks... then.. when i was form 1 tat time.. the guy back to USA, and he gv me this dog.. quite happy at tat time.. lol.. after 1/2 a year, she bring another dog.. is a male.. lol.. name him pax.. but he ran away from home after 1 year.. iks... tatz why i hate having a male dog.. they like to follow female dog... grrr.. miss him so much ..>.>...
water phobia... lol
affraid.... >.<
water!!! run!!!!
juz received a call from my cousin... and she told me tat her hp have been stolen when she's in monorail... iks.. so people.. plz be careful when u sit for monorail..lrt or bus...


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