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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

BesT Frenz

Baboon life can't without friends... frenz is important for her... lolz... ya wat... i really will die if there aren't any fren bside me.. haha.... but now, i am goin to tell out who are my best frenzzz...

Sooi kee.. noe her since primary.. last time not
really like her.. coz she is so damn stingy.. lolz...
now.. best fren.. coz she really treat u nice with her
heart... not like some people, mix with u juz to ambil
kesempatan... haha... me & sooi kee.. tatz wat i call as

the guy wearing red T is khin xian.. my best fren!
such a wonderful guy.. alwayz ask me to do sumthing
tat i affraid of...* love*... he ask me to go and tell i like u
to the guy i like .. grr, but i do love this fren.. haha...
horny boy.. u love horny gal rite??

Ivy chung.. cool gal... best fren ..
alwayz ask me to hang out with her
.. but it alwayz end up.. nothing.. lolz... muax gal...
sexy body with cool look.. look like a real model.. haha..
wanna be model ho? go for it la.. but too bad too short..

Kawei ah.. noe her when i worked with her during last
skool holiday.. she is crazy.. sexy.. hot..
and u noe wat.. she is the 1 who ask me to wear those
colorful clothes coz the clothes i wear last time
were normally black and white.. lolz.. and now
i only wear colorful clothes.. haha... thanks to her...

Kar mun... cute gal.. we swim every weekends..
lolz.. and now.. we are classmates.. both of us love
each other.. as fren.. haha... and her best best fren
wasn't me.. but shiang... haha.. nvm..
at least i am the 2nd 1 after shiang .. am i?? muaxz.. she is a hot dancer
.. lolz.. so hot ...

both of us got the same personallity... serious..
but maybe i worst than her la.. she is short,lazy
bad, crazy... got bf de... and i had crush on her bf b4.. jk..
jk.. later she is goin to kill me... haha... glad to
have this fren..ya.. her name is YoKE MuN..
or u can call her egg yolk(yoke) or
yee mee.. haha..

Sor po... ee wen.. a gal hu love to shout
at me.. dunno why!!! but she never lie to her
feeling.. whenever she hmm song u, she will juz show out her
feeling.. but, i not really like tat.. haha..
nvm... is her personallity wat.. character.. lolz...

Evendoe we noe each other since form 1..
but both of us hate each other.. can't blame her.. at
tat time, i am such a slut... lolz... now..
we are best frenz.. she is cute, pretty and loyal
to her bf.. haha.. wat crap wey..err,
i mean she love her bf.. hope she will be
happy al the time.. muax ...

Tze Chian.. PMS gal.. she is tall and pretty..
but now i am taller.. haha... well.. she said tat i
alwayz ZAT her... etc.. her eyes too big de.. look like ghost..
got eyes bag.. all sort of things... haha.. actually,
i am juz joking with her.. but she take it as an insult..
so.. dun do sumthing like this.. haha.. anyway.. she is pretty
and i think she is desperate for bf.. a good, care about her bf..
xD..****i will be kill on monday.. help me****

the guy bside wesley.. *the yong soi 1*
Kah jun... anyway, he is egg yolk bf.... haha...
bad guy... alwayz insult me as baboon.. and he is the
person who gv me this name.. hate it... he's KRS.. and
he alwayz insult scout... grrr... scout rox wey.. so stop tat ..
if not.. i will slap ur little brother again like wat i do to u
usually... lolz..XP!!!!

Thatz all my best fren ba.. but i think there might be more best fren coming out.. haha.. we should have.. noooo.. is muz have best frenz. lolz...


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