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Thursday, March 22, 2007

EverYtHingZ aRe RunniNG as Usual

slept 19 hours todae.. lol.. from 4p.m. till 11.30a.m... is really comfortable to have a wonderful and long sleep.. somemore is raining outside... haha.. 19 hours is really a long period of sleep.. lol.. too tired this few day.. and i only slept for 8 hours in 3 dayz .. can u imagine how tired i am?

Thingz running on this week....
1. debate competition for junior.. haiz.. we had prepared everything for them.. 8 scripts... 1 script got to be 8 minutes.. and i got to write 2 for them.. lol... this is really brain storming .. .. but u noe wat i get after i give out so much time and effort? they lost.. ok, if they lost to CHS.. i wouldn't blame them... but they lost to a lousy skool-- puchong utama.. well.. not really their fault.. they didn't get the script from S.V... this gal nvr come to skool on yesterday morning. coz she over slept* this is wat she told me* and it end up they dun have script... wat the hell is this? i am so angry .. they lost coz of her.. how can she be so unresponsible? grr.....

2. class photo/ scoutz photo... we had our class photograph section on Tuesday.. well, is quite nice actually.. i mean for the formal 1.. but.. when it come to free style.. it is worst.. the blardy indian photographer took in a short time.. i got no time to ready!!! grrr... well it happen like this. i went up there and do the post with shing chye.. but when i went up .. and suddenly he say.. 1,2,3.. i was like turning my head to the camera and saying HUH!!! grrr.. i think i will be super ugly in tat picz.. but nvm.. i plan to take it again in our class using my d.c... haha.. scoutz photo.. on wednesday..not bad la.. coz there are 4 shots... free style i did it badly... for tat pic, i go infront and sat with yie ern.. and i accidentally block her face from the camera with my hand.. sorry.. i am so sorry for tat... this year photo not really nice.. coz most of the people in my class wasn't there.. all went for MSSD service.. haiz.. so sad..

3. the back... lol.. i told the guy de.. wat i said was.. ur back look attractive.. and he reply me tat he blush coz i said so.. lol.. he is cute.. sometimes i really amazed tat i am so brave... i can tell i like u to the person i admired to.. but i dun think i will do so to the person i like.. coz is quite embarrassed if he reject u.. lol... this is my real character gua.. anyway.. i like my character..xD

hehe.. that're wat i have done on this week.. lol.. now i got to start this really interesting topic.. it is about my look !!! look at these picz.. and u will find it interesting.. haha...

haha.. this is not full naked yet..look cute.. XD

my 1 year old bufdae.. tatz my grandma..
i am so cute..

my sis, me, cousin: fai, xian and yong.. now everyone are
me and my sister when we were 3 and 7...
i think i was fair at tat time.. lol..tatz me , my kakak and my sister...
Posted by the little cutie caeLY..
ps// i was cute when i was a kid.. haha


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