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Saturday, March 17, 2007

the day b4 and THE DAY

Shopping.. yeah.. long time never go shopping de.. summore the next day i got to put braces.. so me, karmun, egg yoke and kah jun went 1u... but too bad i sleep late de.. so, me and karmun went there at 2 sumthing.. watched 1 movie-- the haunted school... after movie me and karmun went to WH shop and start to get ourself sumthing which is cheap and nice while egg yoke and karjun go pak tor... i bought 2 skirts there and after tat we went home.. coz got tuition later... we had our dinner in WAI SEK KAI... order lots of food.. all are so yummy.. lolz... then we went to scout BBq.... quite nice.. good job melz...

in 1u WH shop.. lolz...

KARMUNis so cute.. lolz..

wat are u doin karmun.. so cute..

2 pretty gal.. lolz..

don't u think she is cute.. lolz


our food.. yo.. damn full wey.. still got summore coming.. lolz

grill fish in Thai way.. lolz.. quite nice...

today went to Pudu.. juz to go there and put on braces.. lolz.. went there by LRT.. mom not following. only me and my cousin --XIAN.. lolz... we reached there about 11.30 . coz my appointment is on tat time ma.. hehe... well, the dentist is quite nice to me.. *ofcoz la, i am his niece wat* .. lolz... It's quite painful during the process evendoe i nonit to cabut gigi like wat egg yoke did ..haha.. after everything, we took LRT back to Taman Jaya and both of us had went into this mall which got nothing inside-- amcorp mall.. juz to have our lunch there.. guess wat we had.. KENNY ROGER ROASTER CHICKEN.. .. i dunno tat i can't have tat.. so, i juz hv tat la.. is quite diffcult to have chicken after putting on braces.. lolz.. after we paid for our bill, i went to the toilet and take a look of my braces.. guess wat.. my braces came out.. so, i had to go all the way back to the clinic and ask the dentist to stick it back.. grr.. waste my money for LRT again.. grrr.... After everthing.. i went back to PJ and had my BM tuition for 2 hours.. haiz... this tuition is sux .. goin to quit next month.. lolz.. After tuition, me, Wei and tingz went dinner together. guess wat.. panda following us.. grr.. 3 of them were like talking together and juz left me aside.. wey.. am i there?anyway.. they did tat juz to jk with me.. but is not funny ok?.. we went to Wai Sek Kai again and i order a bowl of porridge .. panda damn Wai sek wey.. she had fried kuey tiaw de.. but she still non stop 'trying ' my porridge.. lolz.. after dinner, we went for physic tuition.. hmm.. not bad actually.. lolz.. After tuition me and karmun went yum cha. wai yew and brandon joined us too... 4 of us were quite quiet.. then i started to talk.. talk about the BACK story again... lolz.. i am the 1st hu left.. so dunno wat happen to wai yew and karmun.. lolz.. but wat wai yew told me was.. brandon purposely left them there and go pay for his bill inside the shop.. haha.. cool brandon.. XD

the 1st pic i took with braces.. lolz..


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