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Sunday, April 1, 2007

hmm.. shited...

5 more hours debate com de... didn't sleep for the whole nite.. coz got to write script... iksss... after finish writing script, got to iron pantz.. but when i look at the pants.. oh gosh.. my pants bocor... got hole there.. iksss.. where to get a pants now? so.. i sew it... it was pretty bad... so ugly... i mean my sewing... lol.. wat i can tell myself is.. sewing is hard... lol...

Layer 1: On the Outside
Name:Caely See yEn Boon
Nick name: baboon.. sabun.. sharp boon.. panda... ah boon.. boon yen... boon boon....
Birth date: 22th Oct 1991
Current status: Single Roxxx
Eye colour:dark brown
Hair colour:black and alittle bit of red
Righty or lefty: Righty

Layer 2:On the Inside
My heritage: Chinese
My fears:lonely..
My weaknesses:someone touch my back
My perfect pizza: pepperoni

Layer 3:Yesterday,Today and Tomorrow
My thought first waking up:dun feel like goin skool...
My bed time:2 a.m. or dunever sleep
My most missed memory:1st love..

Layer 4:My pick
Pepsi or Coke: coke
McD or Burger King: McD
Single or Group Date: both got their nice part.. lol
Nike or Adidas: i prefer a tick there
Tea or Nestea: teA
Chocolate or Vanilla: i prefer the white 1..>.>
Cappucino or coffee:cappocino..

Layer 5:Do you...
Smoke: hate it.. but parentz do...
Curse: hmm.. dunno
Shower:i am quite dirty.. lol.. but i bath...
Have a crush: sure i have...
Think u've been in love: ya.. GUA...
Go to school: Of course but skipped skool most of the time
Want to get married: one day when i found my mr rite
Believe in yourself:Of course
Think you're a health freak: hmm... not really

Layer 6:In the past
Drank alcohol:love it... xD
Gone to the mall: i work there.. is tat consider i been to the mall??
Been on stage: love to... lolz..
Eaten sushi: love sushi... i am sushi queen.. lol..
Dyed your hair:yuppz.. but regret coz now my hair was spoilt

Layer 7:
Have you everPlayed a stripping game:yes gua... but i won.. didn't strip.. XD
Changed who you were to fit in: not really sure.. sorry can't answer tat...

Layer 8:Age you're hoping
To realise ur dream: 22
To get married: 27 or 28...
Get ur 1st baby: 29....

Layer 9:In a guy
Best eye colour:black
hair colour:black
hort or long hair:i dun really mind.. lol

Layer 10:What were you doing..
A minute ago:sewing
An hour ago:writing script
In school1 month ago: i dun have good memory.. sorry.. can't answer u .. hehe...
1 year ago:spending time with my classmatez **my class was the best. WOWWWW!!!!

Layer 11:Finish the sentences...
I love: myself.. family.. frendz..
I feel: glad
I hate: lee hxx yxx... lol..
I hide: i can't tell u this.. sorry..
I miss:the time when i stay bside him...
I need: rest, sleep, money, extra time, add math tutor....

Layer 12:
Tag 5 People:
1. Lulu* Tingx
2. Ka weIZZ
3. PAnDAzx
4. KitT XiaN
5. LuLU


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