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Sunday, March 25, 2007

JuZ a PosT

debate competition is coming again.. this time is only for seniorzzz... well, i am joining oso.. and my team members are secky, jasmine, xue yi, shi min and sue vern.. lol.. not tat bad actually.. all are pro in debate.. we had got our debate title on yesterday.. title is 公平比效率更重要.... hmm.. this is not a easy topic ... our opponent is Xue Bei high skool... dunno wat skool is tat.. never heard tat b4.. and yee ern said xue bei is a skool which located in selangor north side.. lol.. juz take it as a joke... 1st round is on 1st of april.. which mean next week... sei lor.. nothing is prepared yet.. and i still quite blur with this topic...

yesterday we had our 1st debate competition meeting in k.k house... 4.00p.m. till 8.00p.m. then went for dinner together in MING TIEN ... After dinner, i not really get a transport home.. coz my house is too far.. then i suggested to go jasmine house.. and call supercab from there.. but wat had happen is not like wat i plan... thankz to yee ern, he offered me a free ride home coz he wanna pass sir T.L something -- for his babies... so i followed secky and yee ern to sir T.L house.. saw yi zheng* the little baby* he is so cute.. and the size is so small.. cute wey.. well, baby is cute .. haha... didn't c the other baby.-- yi zheng.. coz he is with his mummy... nevermind.. next time i will have the chance to look at this little cutie.. XD...

hmm.. is already 2 monthz .. but my sister still dunwan to come home.. haiz.. up to her .. is her choice to leave this home and stay with my uncle .. so.. i dun care!!!! this 2 week really make me think tat i need a small note book... it doesn't mean i am busy.. but yes i am busy and blur.. tatz why i alwayz forgot wat i suppose to do... hmm.. will try to get a note book soon.. lol..

GIRLS ARE COMPLICATED..... agree?? for me, NO... actually it is juz opposite of it.. girls are too simple until the guyz dun believe it is simple .. rite girls? sometimes, girls will try to do some stupid thingz juz to catch ur attention.. hmm.. not for all the girls, but only for those stupid girlz..
different horoscope got different personality.. and it can tell u weather ur relation ship can stay long or not..



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