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Friday, March 30, 2007

lulu* miss my blog... >.<

i had suffered for this week.... really suffered... dunno wat had happen to me.. i gainz crazy.. dunno weather i am still the caely tat i noe... cried so many times for those stupid reasons.. dunno wat's tat somemore.... hmm... wat can i say?maybe u are good in solving people probs.. but when it come to ur own prob.. u can't ever solve it... rite? coz u can't take the 3 rd person view to look at the situation... tingz and weiz really help me alot in the prob.... dunno wat to say.. but thanks to this 2 buddy.... giving help and support.... but.. i found out somethingz farny here...
Weiz alwayz support me to face it... but.. tingz don't... she is the 1 asking me to wait... juz wait.. the prob will solve by itself.. haha... well.. i prefer weiz theory... tell it out .. if not... i will regret.. haha...

debate competition... i am the 1st speaker.... well.. chinese debate.. is kind of different... there are 4 speakers.. lol... secky is joining.. kind of happy.. coz he is good and nice.. lol... goin for kembara camp.. but dunno can stay till sunday not.. coz got debate com.. not really feel like goin camp at 1st.. but ee wenz and ivy goin... luv both of them... so follow them lo... but the camp fees is quite expensive. 3 days 2 nites... RM40... hmm.. maybe it is club kebara.. less people.. so. is more expensive compare to scout... :)

long time never take picz... coz of my braces... well.. is ugly.. xD... but.. after i take it off.. it will be nice.. hehe... but.. there are still another prob... my skin color!!!! sometimes i will ask myself.. why i am dark but not as fair as Melissa... ikss... chicken and matt asked me to use olay whitening... btw.. i am using it.. but no effect... coz i lazy.. lol.. lazy can't blame la.. but olay products are pretty good.. for those people who wanna have nice, smooth and fair skin can try it... *i think olay should ask me to be their *jurucakap*... winkzzzz

************************** CraPZZZzzz****************************
anyone with love problem can try to ask me about it... lol.. help both of my best fren .. well they are couple.. but something happen btween them.. so.. i help them.. and now they are good as b4.. lol...

-- alwayz need a hug from u... nor matter happy.. sad.. mad or watever..--
-- get angry if the bf don't care about her--
-- get hurt easily by the bf--
-- are sweet to their bf... love them much than themself..--
-- like to talk to bf frenz... so they can noe more about their bf--
-- horoscope...they trust watever is sweet,, but not for those they don't wan to c...--
-- not really like those gals bside her bf... lol.. including his mother xD--

-- wan a gf... juz to show off...--
-- form 1 are alwayz the choice for the seniors--
-- sweet to gf for the 1st 3 months.. then no more.--
-- get mad when they c their gf with another guy..----
-- need a kiss ***french style... maybe!!!--
-- say they wan a nice gal.. but the gf is bitchy but pretty--
-- after break, no more being frend--

well... this is wat i think .. lol.. but there is another 1... women will alwayz couple with the man she love but married with the rich man who she don't have feeling to... lol.... xD......

**** liBrA RoxxXXX*****


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