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Sunday, March 25, 2007

UnLUckY MoMenT

all my effort are gone... sob sob.. juz now, i had spent my 3 hour time to post up the zodiac thingy.. but i accidentally press on the sleep key... and so, my com shut down.. grrrr... this is still consider ok... but while the com getting restart, i went down and get myself a drink tat time, i felt down from the staircase..... can u imagine this? luckily my head didn't kena the wall.. if not, u can't c me in skool tomolo. lol..... is not the worst yet people... when i left home for dinner*alone* with my bike... something happen... i almost bang by car... too careless de.. didn't look left and right b4 crossing the road.. so i now my leg pain pain lo... haiz....

Have my dinner in lala chong restaurant... the best seafood restaurant in my area.. *well, there's only this seafood restaurant in my area*... too many people there.. so i got to wait .. iks.. after 15 minutes.. the waitress came to me... i order a plate of vege.... a soup... and satay(10 sticks).. hmm.. i noe is too much.. but dunno why, now i eat alot.. growth ba.... finished de.. is already 9.30p.m. ... paid the bill then straight away cycling home. After i reach home, my uncle was there and wat he told me really make me zadou.. --- there is some soup and some rice on the dining table. go eat--- wat the.. i spent my money go makan coz no food at home.. but after i come back, there are soup.. vege and rice on the table... grrrr...

hmm... i not really understand the boys theory. so.. lets discuss in this post...

1. why there are something like girls cannot make the 1st move ley? etc... only guyz can tell the gal he like... he like her.. but gals can't do tat.. coz ini memalukan... wat is this wey.. gender bias .. iks!!!

2. Whenever the form 1 come to secondary skool, all the boys senior will pikat them.. is tat bcoz they like them ... bcoz they are still young.. easy to cheat by there boys.. or .... those boys wanna be their 1st lover?

3.Watch this advertisment tat day.. it said, guyz at 15++ will look at girls face... 30 ++ will look at girls breast...45 above will look at girls ass.. tat true??

4. Inner beauty... i believe in this .. last time... but now.. no more.. guys will juz judge u by ur appearence.. lol.. is truth.. sorry to say tat.. if i dak zhoi u... haha.. juz take it as a joke or something.. lol...

PosT byBoyz cRapPeR..


  • At Tuesday, March 27, 2007 5:33:00 AM , Blogger Theodwyn said...

    On Boys
    1. This is a tough question to answer and there is never one answer. Personally, it may be because girls take things more seriously and get hurt more. Girls are normally more ready to commit, while some guys tend to be commitment phobic. Personally, I've done it. And I got hurt. And after that, I learnt that I probably won't do it again. By waiting for the guy to be ready and to ask and taking things a step at a time, the girl will enjoy everyday as it comes, instead of pressing the guy to commit, and potentially ruining the relationship.

    2. As I said in the tag board. Form ones are fresh meat.. and fresh meat taste better. Its the quest for the unknown you know... we're all born with it.

    3. No clue about that.

    4. I can actually believe that is true, at secondary school or even college and some uni-age people too. Some people never grow out of it. But at some point, most guys will.

    Hope this answers your questions. By the way.. you've been tagged on my blog!!


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