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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

when GaLz vs BOyS

if u ask me.. gals and boys.. who i like to interact with?... i will tell u>>>> BOYS.. is funnier to interact with them compare to the girls... boys are humour.. and they can talk those funny topic with u... but gals are pretty bored *not for all*.... gals in my class're quite sien... except me and egg yolk la... when u get into our class... u can c the gaps btween boys and gals... boyz don't talk to gals.. so do gals... haiz... bored wey like this... still remember last year my class was super nice... everyone can talk to each other... everyday truth or dare .. juz to make fun of a gal.. well.. is my idea.. but the gal is sux til the max.. i hate her.. sorry to say tat... I HATE LEE Hxx Yxx.... REASON? ask me in msn.. then u will noe... she really make a big mistake and it ends up i hate her like shit... well.. she is the 1st and only enermy for me...

But.. there are sometimes.. gals is better than the boys.. etc when u didn't done ur hw.. the gals will borrow their book to u.. boys not really can help u in this.. coz they are alwayz the one who copy the gals work.. lol ... boys can keep ur secret.. is true.. gals will alwayz spread out.. but u wouldn't noe... coz u are not suppose to noe... lol.... i admit tat i am not a person tat can keep secret.. same to my secret.. everyone noe... lol... thanks to my mouth...xD

boys are really care about their look than the gals... i can't blieve tat the boys around me use mask and moisturizer... omgzzzz.... boys use cleanser can la... but toner, moisturizer and mask!!! can't stand it wey.. especially their hair... wax it every single bell rang.. lol... somemore they use those CD as their mirror... but the gals dun even care about their look... like me.. i dun care how messy my hair is... lol...yea.. thankz to kitt &xian for telling me tat the way i walk was ugly.. changing it now... lol...

which horoscope care about boob size..XD




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