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Sunday, April 29, 2007

26th April 2007--- Thursday
A day after muafakat.. lol.. me, shiang, mun, shan, tze heng and wai yew went 1u together.. such a happy day for 6 of us.. watched THE NUMBER OF 23 in TGV.. .. lol.. this movie is about a man life which related to the number of 23.. evendoe i dun get wad it trying to tell.. but me and karmun enjoyed the film too.. well.. we actually chatting in the cinema.. lol.. until the people bhind asked us to shuddup... haha.. wai yew memang enjoyed the movie.. well.. not bcoz he's smart and he understand the story line.. but the person sitting bside him was karmun.. wow.. after movie, 6of went shopping.. saw lots of seaparkianz.. haha... 1u is the heaven for seaparkianz!!! pandz and nick together.. lol.. she memang pretty on tat day.. other day.. not really.. lol.. jk jk.. she look pretty everyday.. haha.. got myself a T-shirt in Hang ten.. very cheap.. only RM13.. lol....
caely, shiang, mun and shan
tatz tze heng...
wai yew seemz happy tat day!! xD
mun, shiang and baboon
baboon waiting for bus alone!!!
27th April 2007--- Friday
should go skool today.. lol.. too bad. sleep late de.. so went skool at 1230p.m. for junior debate competition. sister taking part. her presentation is sux.. sorry to say tat.. but i think she is not tat good.. and bcoz i said tat to secky, he scolded me and asked me not to gv pressure on her.. lol.. nvm.. i dun care about my sis de.. after their competition.. went tuition.. BM tuition was bored.. slept in class for 10 minutes.. lol.. tatz why my hand writing during bm tuition is ugly.. haha.. cakar ayam.. went dinner with pandz, tingx, weix and CL.. had prawn mee.. but too bad.. the soup kena my shirt.. and i am very white at tat time.. so.. it is quite obvious.. lol.. after makan, me, tingx and weiz went physicx tuition.. YOYO lesson is interesting.. never feel sleepy in his lesson.. lol.. go makan after class end.. went MURNI with wai yew and ivan.. ivan, a guy i met in muafakat.. a very ncie and cute guy.. lol.. and he couple with D___ b4.. wow!!! amazing.. haha.. order lots of food there.. and of coz my flavourite drink-- I LOVE U!!! haha... ur should try it 1 day if ur nvr try tat b4.. lol.. wai yew left at 11p.m. after 10 min, somemore sat bside me.. and he is WEI KEIN.. omg.. lol.. he is with his family.. and at tat time, i only noe tat his brother is my scouter.. lol.. haha.. went home at 1150p.m.. lol.. enjoyed the time with frendz... haha..
IVAN >.>
WEi KeiN
28th April 2007--- Saturday
Troop meeting.. well.. patrol incharged is HANG TUAH 2-- geoffrey patrol+ kin meng... the activities damn chun. and i like it.. lol.. plz dun tell geoffrey tat i like his plan.. haha.. i am in alwin patrol.. and i am the only gal there.. well.. use to it de.. i might be a gal physically.. mentally.. hmm.. not really sure.. lol.. jk jk!!!.. teammates are alwin, kevin, kahui, mun chien, joshua and me.. there are 4 station.. 1st-- rope climbing, 2nd-- plaster cast, 3rd-- pioneering( clothes hanger), 4th-- ketupat. lol.. i actually prefer the 2nd station.. is cool.. and nice.. everyone in my patrol make a nice plaster cast with chicken feet on it.. EXCEPT--> alwin loo teik yee... congratez to him.. yea.. so smart wey!!! the winner for senior is kitt lei patrol.. and they get a bottle of pepsi.. lol.. after troop meeting, all the scouts help to clean up the POP area.. after cleaning up, the boys start to strip u leung.. lol.. went mcd.. but mcd too many people de.. so.. we went KFC.. ps: caely is the only gal there with 6 boys.. ;p!!!! after makan.. walked to taman bahagia take lrt to kelana and go home by bus -- T607.. wait for 1 1/2 hours only it come.. lol.. rapid kl not really on time la.. XD... but.. is cheap... hehe...

Plaster of paris and chicken feet...

our clothes hanger!!! spiderman 4 haha...
kin meng is teaching... lol.. pro in ketupat !!!
ChEE KeN!!! lol...
Kevin-- the sheep.. lol..
Ketupat!!!! ;p...
jack!!!! cleaning up the plaster cast area.. lol..
they are stripping him... gosh!!!
such a "poser"!!! xD
Jonnath and chee ken.. 2 hornies!!!
KEVIN.. the sheep again!!!


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