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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Galz Vs BoYzZZ!!!!

GAlz are simple.. this is wat galz alwayz say to the guyz... but is tat true? YA!! galz are simple.. but u can't c it in reality.. coz life make them to be complicated... lol... why are they complicated? haha.. only God will noe about it... lol...

when a gal fall to someone... wat she is going to do? confess or keep it in her heart? ofcoz.. i will say tat confess is better... at least the gal feel better after confessing to the guy.. lol... but if the guy doesn't gv any reply on it.. it's worst than saying NO to the gal.. the gal will start thinking alot of stupid things... asking why he doesn't gv any reply.. lol... some galz will choose to avoid the guy after confessing coz she dun dare to face tat person.. and it alwayz endz up the guy thought that she is ignoring him.. lol... galz are not desperate.. they nonit the guy to start a love relationship with them after confessing... wat they wan are juz telling out their feeling.. hmm.. slut different case la.. lolzz... slut are desperate.. they can't live without guyz.. haha... if the gal choose to keep it in her heart... it might be OK!!! if the guy is smart..he will noe.. but.. if he is stupid, never in love b4.. he might not take his 1st step to the gal evendoe he likes her.. coz malu mah!! *dun ask the gal are they desperate for guyz or not.. it hurtz them. evendoe they answer u with a smile..*

galz tat already couple is different.. they wan a hug/ kiss everyday.. coz it make them feel the hug is full with love.. warm.. lol.. some guyz might complain something like this: i talk to my gf all the time but when i chat with a gal for 15 inutes.. she already angry about it and doesn't care about him for 2 or 3 dayz.. lol.. wat i can said is the gal only care about her bf.. she afraid her boy will not love her anymore.. is very easy to noe wat galz are thinking.. try to feel it with ur heart..

BOYZZZ are complicated.. haha.. well.. i say tat bcoz i dun understand them... same to the boyz, they might think tat galz are complicated too.. lol.. when i think about boyz, wat came into my mind is they are horny.. lust after galz... lol.. when a boy couple.. they wan 'something' from the galz.. and i think u noe wat 'something' am i saying here... why can't they love a person without judging on the galz body or look but judge them with their inner beauty.. when i ask some of my frenz *boyz*.. lol.. almost all of them.. they said tat they will pick a good- hearted gal more than a sexy gal.. hmm.. but come to the reality, will ur do so? if the good- hearted gal is not pretty... would u wan her to be ur gal? lol.. then the boyz will say.. find a gal like snow white la.. pretty and good-hearted.. haha.. plz la.. there only 1 snow white in 6000 galz.. lol.. all the guyz wan snow white.. share meh? haha.. nor matter how ugly / bad the boy is.. when he confess to a gal.. hmm.. not really pretty gal.. but not bad looking.. the gal will say yes to him.. why? coz sometimes the gal wanna try the feeling of having a bf.. lol.. etc.. an ugly, bad, sux guy in my form confess to a gal who same form as him.. th gal nvr couple b4... and the gal accept him as her bf.. her frenz ask her why she accept this guy.. and she said .. she juz wanna try the feeling of having a bf.. well.. it is stupid.. haha... people.. i think u noe hu are they.. they broke up after 4 or 5 monthz and now the gal get together with another bustard.. the guy sux also.. lol..

Well.. tatz wat i noe about galz and boyz.. enjoy reading.. lolzz... if u dun think wat i said is rite.. post something like this in ur blog oso.. send me the link lor.. haha...

PoSTeD By MeeEE!!! hehe..XD


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