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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


lol.. long time didn't blog de.. haha.. nvrmind.. i will tell everythingz on this post.. lol.. my cousin is staying with us... evendoe he is juz 15.. but he quit skooling. as he said.. no interest wor.. ikss.. wat i can say is, u can't do anything without a SPM sijil... lol.. the 1st day he came, we went for dinner in this restaurant around my area.. half way eating... power cut.. damn kao za wey.. lol.. memang la malangnya dia ini.. this is the 1st time i eat in dark.. haha.. romantic!!! candle light dinner.. too bad wrong people.. haha.. xD!!!


candle light dinner.. with the wrong people..!!

Cousin!! FAi!!!

last friday did tabit hormat for HARI KECERMELANGAN..hehe.. can skip lessonz.. haha.. tatz why i fail my account test.. lol.. after tabit hormat, went to the hall and enjoyed the performances by persatuan and clubs.. after everything, when i was trying to get out, Y.Y come to me and asked me to empty my pocket.. then hp kena rampas by him..should get it back after skool.. but.. forgot.. haha.. so, Alan kept my hp for the weekend.. lol.. nvr turn off my hp at tat time..shit la.. all my secret picz and messages are inside wey.. sei lor.. x(

muafakat camp in TENKALI... dunno how to explain bout the place.... but is in Ulu Langat... is a combine camp of selangor primary skool and secondary skool.. lol.. all are malay.. except us.. lol.. they oso separate us to boys and galz groupalong the camp, we are not allowed to talk to them.. lol.. is tat still consider as muafakat?? haha.. ya, they don't call it muafakat.. but camp perdana.. lol.. we have lots of activities.. etc flying fox, jungle trekking, malam kebudayaan, rendam kolam.. well.. during the jungle trekking, got 2 leeches inside my pantz.. lol.. near my ass somemore.. ikss... damn paiseh wey.. the leech sucking blood from there.. haha.. not really afraid of leeches now.. can catch it with hand.. haha.. so happy.. flying fox was great.. long distance 'fly'.... lol.. the kolam part was sux.. we got to soak in it and the water are so dirty... fishes there somemore... yeuuuu!!!...

As i said.. lots of malay there.. most of them are in primary.. on the 2nd day, all the kidz come to me and asked me to teach them chinese.. haha.. good good... at least they feel like learning.. not like those people tat think chinese sux, lame... lol.. karmun teach with me.. and we got the same opinion on them.. lol.. they are so cute ... haha.. 2nd nite.. got malam kebudayaan.. we did our sketch, and it is stupid.. lol.. hu carez? but i care.. we are so damn sam pat in the sketch.. is stupid.. but nvm.. as long as we enjoyed tat.. haha.. after m.k, we got our own muafakat m.k in the canteen.. lol.. me and yan shan were quite emo at tat time.. dunno why.. but during we have our gals open talk, yan shan told me the reason-- bcoz of the sketch.. i was like. . ok.. i think i am emo bcoz of tat.. haha... after 12, m.k ended.. everyone back to except 4 of us( shiang leng, karmun, yan shan and me).. we were together and have our private opentalk... lol.. too much things to say.. but shiang wanna sleep... so.. 3 of us continue it in the toilet.. about 2 a.m somethings, we went out from the toilet and went to the boyz campsite.. well.. we noe ta we are not allowed to go there.. but.. we were too bored at tat time.. so.. we went there secretly.. lol.. damn exciting.. coz there are pelatih near by the boyz campsite.. if they saw us sure kena kao kao .. lo.. lucky us.. they nvr c us.. haha.. we open all the tent and reason is.. looking for HONG CHUN.. lol.. watz the reason wey?? lol.. saw 2 guyz half naked*upper part* in their tent.. they actually close their tent, and they didn't expect tat we will be there.. haha.. malunya... lol..

reached skool at 215p.m... took a taxi home de.. shit myself... forgot to bring key.. hp expired.. and i am exhausted.. so.. i juz climbed into my house, open my sleeping bag and sleep in the garden.. suddenly.. RAIN!!!! wat the!!! i was under the rain for 15 minutes.. and it is a heavy rain.. i was wet and cold... scared of lightning... cried at tat time.. lol.. really hope tat someone is bside me.. anyone... lol... finally parents came home.. and it was already 620p.m... 4 hours waiting.. iksss....

Muafakat picZZZ

han yann and han rui-- kadet polis....

Seck wei & Jonathon$$$

Jee Kenn &SeckYY

Jonnath and keVin@@@

Me aND WaI YeW!!!

Jia KeNT!!

Xiao XiN!!!

ScoutZ Of TamAn SeA!!!

Shan & caELy

Jia KeNT and MeeE!!

Chow ErN!!!

kar MUn and CaElY

Yan shan & weI KeIN!!!
alwin with his doggy!!

i dunno watz tat call.. but.. it is very big...

the boys sketch...

malam kebudayaan smk taman sea... lol

Hui Hui and stephanie@.@

the campsite!!

lol... we love him !!! wow!!
PoSTed BY::: caElYY!!!


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