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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The SucKERs!!!

lol... i have came late to skool again.. ikss.. not really alot of people came to skool todae... quite bored in class... suddenly Mell come near me and told me tat... John like monitor... gosh!!! this is my reation after i heard it... and i decided to make them feel embarrassed about it.. wat i did is.. sit bside monitor and asked john loudly.. *until the whole class heard me*... "john.. u like monitor isit?.. lol.. monitor... u are so luckily tat he likes u.. haha".. hmm.. i noe i am bad.. but.. wat i do is juz for fun.. sorry.. i noe i am over sometimes.. ikss!!! but.. i think ur won't mind rite?..XD

After skool.. went to 4A.. finished all my hw there with Weiz.. she not feeling i teman her for the hoe day. how nice i am..XD... back to english tuition after skipped it for a month.. lol.. not free ma.. now can join back la... hehe.. after tuition, we went for dinner in WAI SEK KAI again.. dunno why we like this place so much.. hmm maybe is bcoz the food there are nice, more choices and cheap.. lol.. today me and Weiz ate clatpot pan mee... mine is spicy pan mee and hers was nomal pan mee.. coz she not feeling well ma.. lol.. Yik Ting had clotpot yee mee.. lol.. we also ordered a plate of balitong.. the way of eating it is to suck it.... i paid for it.. coz i suggested to eat tat.. now i really pok kai.. ikss.. yik ting never eat tat b4.. so.. she dunno how to suck it out.. i am juz ok.. but.. weiz is the best sucker..XD.. she can suck it out in juz 15s.. lol.. search the net and u will find out something about balitong suckers.. noe wat? a person tat can suck balitong out fast and clean.. also meanz tat the person can do blow job better than those people dunno how to suck balitong.. lol.. juz take it a jk.. hehe..xD

went kk house after dinner.. it was raining.. so.. i choose to take a taxi from edusmart to his house.. the distance is not far... but bcoz of traffic jam.. i used up 40 minutes to reach his house.. the meeting make me noe mre about the topic.. hmm.. i think i start to love debate again after the last com.. lol..
these are the picz ..

This is the balitong..RM8.. quite cheap.. lol

Yik Ting.. the way she eat balitong
was poking it from its asshole.. lol.. XD

we left this.. lol

lol.. tatzz meee!!!
Weiz.. sick de o.. >.<..


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