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Monday, April 9, 2007

things happen...

haha.. i am back.. lol.. lots of things happened last week.. and i really thought i will be free after this and i can concentrate in the coming exam.. but thingz doesn't seems goin like this... Pn Teh wan me to join another com... ikss.. evendoe i wouldn't be free till the exam..but i really wanna join tat com.. can gain marks and know more people and the main reason is i can noe some VJ there... haha..

we lost!!! i mean debate competition... not bcoz we are weak.. serious.. not bcoz of tat.. the main reason is.. the judges not really like us.. he hates us... lol.. i didn't join that com coz i am actually having camp on tat day.. but i got pn fari permission to go out and watch their com... iksss.. regretzx tat i am not joining them.. they did it quite ok la... and the opponent can't really answer wat they had asked them.. they are trying to avoid those questions.. but we did it lousily in presentation.. coz of the mic... they wan us to use the mic but the mic got prob.. wat a stupid thingz it is.. :(.. met kai shin tat day.. she is our ex- teammate.. very happy to c her again.. lol...

join kembara camp.. at 1st i not really feelwanna go for it.. but these stupid and bustard frendz asked me to go.. and wat they said is.. if i don't go for the camp.. there are no meaningz being my frenz anymore.. i was like... ok!! i go.. got high fever on the day b4 the camp.. but after a sleep .. it gainz better.. so i pack my stuff and ready for the camp.. the camp was totally great.. tatz wat i can said.. ee en.. u are a great camp com... lol.. in the camp, the seniors name us freshies... and we got our own song.. special song.. lol..xD.. and we actually got to get their signature and take care of the eggs given by them... they had split us to 5 groupz.. and i am in FU-Yoh!!! Jade is our group leader.. and the members are alan, dinesh, nat, yi lin, kah seng, kelvin, me, jerome and su weiz... cool name.. lol.. but all my frenz wasn't there with me.. no form 4 people at all.. and i was.. omg.. wat i suppose to do.. but after the 1st day, i get to noe lots of them.. they are nice and cool people.. lol.. slept in tent for 2 dayz.. tentmatez are karmun, sammie, sarah, eunice, su weiz and me.. karmun went home on the 2nd nite.. coz her grandma passed away.. cheer gal.... :)

i got all the seniors signature except Sheena.. lol... to get their signature, we got to do something for them.. like massage them.. sing the freshies bodoh song infront of everyone.. feed them food... but it is not the worst thing i did... the worst thing i did is from ALWIN LOO TEIK YEE.. wat a NICE GUY.. he wan me to finish the nasilemak tat he eat left with lots of sambal on it.. i can't take spicy food.. but i still finish the whole plate.. wow!!! can't believe i did tat... the nasi lemak make me feel vomit during the obstacle run... iksss.. sei lulu... Fui yoh win the obstacle run.. so happy.. but when i jumped over the things... dunno wat it call... i sprained my leg.. still can walk after tat.. but.. after i reached home.. it getting srious.. iksss... my leg ah.. iksss...
didn't take the camp picz.. lol.. this is the debate picz i took..xD
4 of them.. lol
zu bian --xue yi...

zhu yi-- jasmine gan..
PosTed By Pai KiOk Mui!!!!


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