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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Troop meeting!!

lol... finally, we have our troop meeting after a month.. well.. patrol incharge for this meeting are sooi kee and kin meng patrols.. lol.. not bad actually.. they plan a telematch for us.. there are 4 station.. and i am incharged of rope climbing section with kah hao.. lol.. not really alot of people came for troop meeting... lol.. interact have their IU.. so.. all the interacters are there-- rumah hope.. lol.. i think they hav a good time juz like the scoutz.. :) after troop meeting, sir vincent ask me to take fire lighting test from him.. but i dun think i will.. coz i had failed for 32 timeztook 10 times from sir tiam kuin and i failed.. not bcoz tat i can't light a fire.. but he wan me to do a very very very chun fire.. wow!!! impossible for caely.... 7 timez from kinz.. and i failed coz of the matches.. we got to light the fire with 3 matches..but i only can light it up with 4 matches.. another 4 times from kianz.. and it failed... 6 times from sir tuck long.. FAIL AGAIN.. another 5 times is from huey lin.. FAIL OSO.. well.. trust me.. is true tat i failed my fire lighting test for 32 times... iksss... am i tat bad in fire lighting? lol..xD.. someone ignored me from the morning till the afternoon.. wat the!! i didn't do anything.. and u ignore me.. ikss.. spoiled my mood for a moment.. ikss...

After troop meeting, I planned to celebrate sooi kee bufdae with some scoutz in secret recipe.. but these people made us wait for them for 2 hours.. shit them la.. people bufdae.. still got to wait for ur.. while waiting for these people to take their test, kinz and kianz had did something HORNY in the den.. haha.. capture it with my hp.. haha.. xD... changed our plan.. not goin to SR de.. coz i feel like goin to A&W.. haha.. i think i am addicted to A&W de... lol.. really got to get off from this bad habitz.. haha.. fast food.. bad for health.. >.<.. slept straight away after i reached home.. a very very long and comfortable sleep.. wake up at 10 a.m.... lol.. 18 hourz sleep.. haha...

my hp is covered with scratches now.. and it cause by some people.. well.. u borrowed my hp to take picz.. is ok.. but why u put it on the floor.. people step on it somemore... but atleast u make ur apology... i can forgive u.. but u got to be my slave for 2 months... deal? gv me a reply ASAP.. and for mr z.k.. if u wanna say ur sorry ...plz say it nicely.. i didn't force u... is up to weather u wanna say it out or not.. ikssss!!!!

Showing his "sexy" leg!!!

start to follow wat kinz doin... xD



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