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Thursday, May 17, 2007


there are so many things happen to baboon compare to other people during exam.. have u seen people late for exam? well.. this is wad i did today.. test started at 8.30. so.. i came at 8.30... hmm.. kinda chun?? NOOO!!!! is is so stupid if u late for ur exam.. well.. i admit that i am stupid.. haha.. if i am not..i wouldn't be so special.. lol.. almost all my classmates noe wad had happen to me during exam.. hp rang during exam.. caught by mail tat i cheat.. evendoe i am not cheating at tat time... quarrel with U___..... haiz.. wad i can said beside I AM SO SPECIAL??

Quite close with the scouts friends.. kinz, kianz, wai yew, sooi kee.. of coz it doesn't mean tat i don't love my lou po- lou por... i do love them.. lol... if u ask me to find a dear or lou gong.. sorry la.. i kinda fed up with the normal love life.. sometimes if u desperate or hope too much for it, it will die faster.. hmm.. kinda true.. so.. lets put it aside and think positively tat true love will come to u one day. evendoe there are no true love in this world...

SORRY to all my friends.. i kinda sam pat this 2 weeks.. don't ask me why.. maybe it is bcoz of the womenz problem*** not period k.. it wouldn't be taking so long*** well.. i am trying to be as normal as possible.. but can i go out of control sometime? kinda envy some people who can really show out their feeling. well.. people call these people emo.. but emo is a good thing rite.. hmm... different people different personallity.. maybe u agree with wat i say.. maybe u are not...

womenz have different thought when they reach certain age..

when they are
6-- 10== hope for their prince!!! well.. this level people are all the mui mui zai.. too pure until they dunno that the world is cruel.. wow!! should i use this word to descibe it?? haha.. nvm..

10++ == hope for true love.. hmm.. puppy love? well.. pople start their 1st lvoe when they are in high school. the love in this stage is kinda fun, exciting.. why? we dunno much about love ba!!

20++ == hope for a handsome bf.. well.. the women is this stage are kinda hot.. internal and external same.. haha.. desire for the handsome one... xD

30++ == hope for a rich man and married him xD... is true.. after u went through 29 years old and u still haven marry.. well.. ur plan change.. now u are more mature.. u noe tat true love will not continue by a marriage but money.. lol

40++ == hope for a guy tat love her more than herself.. wow!!! after 39.. u still haven't got ur husband.. now.. u don't care about the appearance of the man de.. as long as he love u more than u love him.. thatz ok.. lol.. is tat true??

50++ == well.. not realy understand the people above 50.. paymore attention to my blog if u are interested.. i wil post it up.. when i reach 50!!! haha.. xD


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