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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


never blog for 2 weeks i think.. haha.. sorry.. busy with my mid year exam.. well.. basically, i did the last minutes work.. didn't sleep at night just to study everything.. so.. there are some effect :

1. dark circles problem getting serious..
2. skin tone getting darker.. '
3. migraine

dark circles problem is the biggest problem for me.. lol.. the only way to make this condition better is-- eyes serum and sleep early.. haha.. eyes serum ok la.. but sleep early.. not really for baboon!! For those who noe me well, i will get dark if i sleep late.. dunno why.. haha.. just like some people.. will get pimples if they sleep late.. lol.. having migraine during the 1st week of exam.. but is ok now..
During EXAM!!!

Monday-- the day before exam!!
slept for 4 hours.. have to study komsas!!! lol.. quite
Tuesday-- moral and Bm2
omg.. the 1st paper.. moral.. not that bad.. lol.. got study ma.. haha.. after recess, bm 2.. well.. really easy to hander.. lol.. got study ma!! haha.. after skool, me and karmun went to scout den and plan to have our group study (add math) there with the genius-- wai yew.. saw 3 little kitten on the roof!! wow!! they caught 1 down and play with it.. not really dare to touch it.. cause afraid of kitten.. too dirty.. w.k made me mad.. his action is too big!!! hmm.. too over doing la.. somemore.. it is my problem.. i will hander tat.. not u helping me k!! change our group study place to A&W.. because i wanna have tat as my lunch.XD . lol.. well.. i didn't really get the change to study and ask wai yew the problem i found out.. cause.. i think i am actually playing the lamp post character.. AGAIN!! lol.. he is juz teaching karmun .. not caely.. 4p.m... went ss2 with karmun.. skipped tuition but study addmath with karmun in an organic shop beside edus.. 7 something, went karmun's house and overnite there.. lol.. didn't sleep.. study add math!!!

Wednesday-- BI2 and ADD MATH!!!
english 2 is hard.. lol.. after recess, asked wai yew to help me.. wad i consider as help is cheat!!! haha.. ya... we cheat.. but not only me.. almost everyone asking for his help.. lol.. and he helped everyone..hmm.. limited 4 questions only.. so.. have to pick some questions tat contains more markz.. but.. can't choose tat oso.. caus if i noe how to do the hard 1 dunno the easy 1.. teacher will find out i am cheating.. lol.. so.. i pick some easy questions. went hom by bus.. rapid kl.. lol.. slept for 3 hours b4 i start my chmistry.. hmm.. didn't sleep for tat night AGAIN!!!
Thursday-- Chinese 2 and CHEMISTRY!!!
LOL.. chinese essay.. quite easy for caely.. but i lack of time to finish tat paper.. cause never read instruction. in past 1, i just have to pick 1 of the queation to do.. but i did 2.. so, it cause me lack of time to finish the 2nd 1 which is 70% of the paper. STUPID CAELY.. after recess.. chemistry pula.. not really noe how to do.. but manage to finish the paper except the essay part!! lol.. nvr.. plan to fail!! slept 2 hours tat nite!!! but not really go to the mind.. lol..

Friday-- MODERN MATH AND history!!!
modmath is hard... lol.. for caely.. but manage to finish the question.. got study ma.. lol.. history.. ok only lor.. not really noe how to do.. but.. can pass GUA!! slept from 5 till 10 something.. well the 10a.m. of saturday!! so.. slept about 17 hours.. lol.. too tired !!!

Saturday-- study account.. zzzZ
went mcd around 12 something.. plan to ask karmun to go together.. but.. she nvr pick up her mobile phone again.. lol... use to it.. so i went alone juz to study my acc... well.. i am the only gal again.. haha.. this kind of situation happen all the time.. so use to it de.. they not really helping me.. except giving me some notes.. thanks to them oso.. coz is not easy to teach me.. those hu teach me b4 learned their lesson-- don't simply promise people to teach them.. haha.. WAT THE!!! kinz said tat he thinks tat me and kianz.. XXX ..well.. is impossible rite!! caely dun like thin boy.. like him.. haha.. so.. take this as joke plz.. slept 4 hours tat nite!!!
Sunday-- account AGAIN!!!
wake up at 7.30 and started doin account.. learned and manage to master account.. good good.. haha.. didn't sleep for tat nite but doin account.. lol.. is kinda fun of doin tat.. xD
Monday-- EST and ACCOUNT!!
Est!!! easy... haha.. except for the report.. dunno wats the format.. but ok lor.. after recess.. account.. wow!!! thanks god!!! i am too nervous and i forgot everything i learn.. ikss. but.. after i calm down.. 30 minutes fly away de... shit shit.. luckily finish the paper.. but.. i lost my lejar for buku tunai runcit.. sob sob.. lost it.. so.. lost my marks for tat.. haiz.. didn't sleep tat night... study physics..
Tuesday-- BC 2 & physics!!
BC2.. ok.. not tat hard.. but not easy oso la.. juz average lor.. haha.. physics is kinda easy infront.. but.. back.. is all those questions tat i didn't study.. haiz.. still can score D for this subject.. but.. something special happen to me.. MY HP RANG!!! well.. is a ringtone somemore.. everyone was lookng at me and luckily it stop by itself after 12 seconds.. hehe.. teacher noe it is me.. but he didn't take any action.. luckily!!!! @@@@ went giant after skool.. hmmgetting myself and my family some things.. well.. food.. i am the food QM for my family.. if there is lack of food.. i am goin to get it and pay for it.. of coz my mom will pay me back la. but only 80% of the amount.. ikss.. unfair!!!
Wednesday-- BM1 ** teachers day celebration!!
today is wednesday... wow!!! well.. teachers day celebration wor!!! didn't join cause sleep late again.. reachedskool around 10 a.m... only 1 paper today.. BM1.. quite ok.. lol.. b4 the paper start.. something happen b4 the paper start.. well.. i noticed tat i got 41% for my chemistry.. and when Uexxxx noe this.. she said this. and i fight back!!!
ME: wat.. i can't pass meh?
UE: plz la.. u cheat for ur chemistry and u pass..
ME: hey.. since when i cheat except for addmath XD..
UE: **silent**
suddenly k.k joined in their gang.. and crap tat i cheat.. wad la.. he crap and stupid mouth!!! after everything, i cried.. lol.. damn paiseh la.. cried in class... btw.. explaination is needed.. i cried bcoz i too gek dong.. bot bcoz i am sad k!!! and for HER!!! plz.. no longer friend!!! who care about u? such a *****!!!! xP.. during home, saw a car accident happened in my house area.. well.. the motorcyclist died middle of road.. damn cham.. haiz..

1 of the kitten!! kin meng holding it!!
beautiful eyes!!!
He's putting back the kitten!!! go kitten.. find ur mommy!!
wow!!! happy moment!!! haha.. for wai yew!!
kononya!!! teaching@.@!!!
karmun's dog!!! naughty!! can u c wat he is doin??
********well.. plan to go for a hike after exam.. those who interested can tell me yea!!! more people more fun.. lol.. xD... tingx, weix.. can ur go?? lol...******************


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