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Friday, May 18, 2007


wow!!! exam is over!! haha.. back to my usual life= lazy life.. haha.. holiday is coming.. not goin to rest... well.. too many camps and activities during holiday!!! holiday is from 26th of may till 10th of jun.. well 15 days.. but.... for me.. it is like---

26th , 27th -- > shopping
28th, 29th -- > a trip to genting with my dears!!!
30th -- > pack for camp (scout)
31th - 3rd -- > Scout camp!!!
4th -- > pack for pulau kapas camp (kembara)
5th - 9th --> beach camp in pulau kapas
10th --> rest!!!
11th --> SCHOOL!!!

hmm.. well.. no holiday for me.. holiday = suffer!!! haiz.. wad to do.. who ask me to promise people.. lol.. well.. my body ca effort this.. as i think.. hehe..

well.. i had been asking so many people to do this.. well, wai yew got the highest score.. thanks for knowing me well.. haha.. tingx ah.. haiz.. dunno wad to say de.. how could u got this marks and u call urself my lou por!!! lol.. and for some people tat u think tat i force u to do.. SORRY~~ u can say no to me.. i dun mind, dun care.. the reason i asking everyone to do is i am too bored. haha.. i s kinda interesting to c the answer ur given.. lol..



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