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Saturday, May 26, 2007


The day b4 teachers' day, me karmunz and wai yew went for a movie around 6 something.. SPIDERMAN 3... hmm.. very nice.. nice than wat i experted.. haha.. went home at 1a.m. coz we watched the 9.00 section.. after tat go yum cha with munz only.. hehe.. overnite at her house.. but didn't get to sleep well coz this gal wanna watch movie.. ikss...
Wow!!! this is the 1st time i come to school on teacher's day... Didn't get to see the telematch which my frens say it is nice and funny coz i am in the hall with munz to chat with my friends.. haha.. There are quite alot of performances on tat day.. sooi kee and babe perform the fan dance and modern dance.. well.. fan dance not really nice but modern dance ROXXX!!!! wow... sooi kee really can dance wey.. well.. she is my idol now.. haha.. xD.. jk jk.. sir zol, mr henry and mr allen gv us a live performance.. hmm.. it rox wey.. when can u get to c these teachers entertain us like this? lol.. only teachers' day.. xD..
Sooi kee dun feel like dancing the fan dance!! haiz..
After everything ended, went scouts den to borrow money from wai yew.. hehe.. really no money ah.. nvr go home.. so can't get money from mom.. lol.. went island cafe with yoke mun, kah jun, karmun, yin chuan and siew mun.. lol.. yin chuan seemz interested on karmun.. ahaha.. nice pair... we played uno there.. the 1 who lose.. have to drink some special mixture by me.. lol.. the mixture of coffee, watermelon juice, jasmine tea, honeydew!!! hmm.. i drank it in the 1st round.. hmm.. it taste!! bad!!! iksss.. 2nd round is yin chuan.. the last round is no longer coffee mixture.. but.. chili sauce, soya sauce, sambal, ketchup, water and salad sauce.. it taste very very bad!!! i almost drink it.. but.. thankz to siew mun.. he LOST!!! wow!! so.. he finish the drink.. haha.. xD.. after tat.. went ta gei with them.. hmm.. 1st time go ta gei after i got internet at home.. lol.. played o2 jam.. i am so poor until got to create a single room and practise there.. haha.. after ta gei rain pula.. ran to murni and have our dinner there.. hmm.. siew mun gv us a treat.. well.. we order I LOVE U.. it is a drink.. is kinda funny when i order it.. is like i am saying i love u to the indian man.. lol..
Yin chuan and Karmun!!
Kah jun!! xD
kah jun and yoke mun playing THIS!! WOW!!
karmun and the panda!!!
This is the 3rd mixture!! lol..
siew mun finishing it!!
haha.. after drinking it.. will be like this!! lol..
after tat, went wai sek kai to find weix.. got to go her house to get those stuff i left there.. lol.. chat with her in her room.. so many things to tell until she say i am sor poh.. very stupid in love.. making things worse evendoe it is getting better at tat time.. lol.. i noe i am not tat good... aikss.. wad i can do wor? sometimes feeling tell so.. so i do la.. after doin tat only i gt to noe tat the feeling is wrong feeling.. ikss.. dunno how to explain here.. i will tell u if u ask me.. hehe.. xD


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