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Thursday, May 3, 2007


wad can we do with RM70?? my answer is have a hair cut.. hmm.. yesterday, went to kimarie and have a hair cut.. when i come to the counter, the receptionist asked me. hu i want to cut hair.. i said the person name.. the one who i alwayz pong chang.. after he finish cutting, he ask me wanna wash not.. i said.. ok.. after washing my hair, go pay la.. WAH!!! WAD THE!!! this is wad i said after he told me the cost is RM70... i was like.. huh?? not RM25 meh.. den he said, he is proffesional de** naik pangkat zor**.. so is RM45 and i washed my hair oso.. so is RM25.. add together is 70!!! i was like shit.. i only got 40++ with me.. no money ley.. so.. i called my mom to come and pay for me. ikss... kena scold from her.. ikss.. mou dun dun 1 ley.. but it teach me a lesson.. ask b4 u cut!! haha.. the new hair style is nicer compare to the previous one.. neat and cute.. lol.. THANKZ TO NG KA WEI AND WONG YOKE MUN for saying tat my hair look like grass.. if not.. i wouldn't go pon chang.. LOL..
after that, went mcd.. why?? study la.. house too far de.. can't go home.. so.. stay in mcd till 8 p.m... at 745p.m. sweetheart and honey came and visited me for a very very short while.. lol.. praise at my new hair style.. lol... after tat.. take lrt to weix house.. not studying there.. but having fun.. haha.. i love her house so much.. dunno why. her room is alwayx full of fun when i go there.. lol.. weix wanna reply testiz.. so.. i went to her room and take lotz of pictures.. nice and funny picz.. haha.. 10p.m... she back to her room.. and wad we do is.. PLAYING WITH BRA.. dun ask why.. but juz enjoy doin that.. haha.. ps: not the bra we wearing.. but the bra in the wardrobe.. lol..

on the way to weix house... saw all this.. lol..
so nice!!!

do u think.. i am studying?? lol.. i am XD

my new hair style.. lol..

cute ley!!! haha.. not me.. but the one beside.. lol..
take picz only la.. dun care weather it is nice or not.. haha..
the pig has big boob!!!
the dog have to wear bra oso.. lol..
didn't go skool again .. haha..well.. skipped skool for 2 weeks.. lol. everyone.. miss me not?? lol.. hope ur miss me.. coz.. i really miss ur ney.. haha.. goin to skool tomolo.. but will be goin out for competition with teachers.. lol.. all the best to me ley.. haha..
exam is coming.. everyone good luck lor.. and all the best ... !!!!


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