u better leave b4 i shoot at u!! hehehe....

Friday, June 29, 2007


OMG!! i can't believe this at all.. haha.. but i think it is real. there are really something called destiny in love.. i tried tat for so many times.. haha.. everytimes when i miss him, he will accidentally pop up.. juz like wat happen today.. i am so happy when i saw him.. there is only one thing on my mind at tat time-- hug him.. but.. i control myself down.. juz say hi and ran away from him.. sometimes, i dunno wad is my problem.. i quarrel with him tat day bcoz i am mad of wad he did to me.. which is.. HOW CAN HIM DON'T TALK TO ME AND AVOIDING ME FOR 5 DAYS 4 NIGHTS.. it is so xxxxxx... after tat, when we back to skool, he never even talk to me. wad this mean wey.. don't wanna be friend? lol.. he is so selfish until he don't care about my feeling... why u said that if i dunwan u to care about me.. juz said so!! i wan u to care.. but U DIDN'T.. so, wad u wan me to say? i said i not happy with u so tat u will find a way to talk to me.. but.. u didn't u just take it as nothing.. ok, fine!! lets time settle all this stupid problems. when u feel like giving me answer like wad u had promised me last time just talk to me k.. end of this!!

ok.. ham sap people gv reasons for their ham sap behavior.. like.. i am tired on tat day.. i dunno i will do so 1.. i regret after i reached home. or this is not wad i wan.. i don't wanna pok mong her 1.. i am juz accidentally bang to her and ..... DO U THINK GALS CAN ACCEPT THE REASONS U GV? SORRY.. NO!! THIS ARE ALL EXCUSES.. THE ONLY REASON U DO SO IS U WANNA POK MONG PEOPLE!! U SUCKER!!


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