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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dunno wad had happen to me.. i have been so weird for tis week. i start to make some people angry of me, pissed on me.. wad should i do to get them back? dunno.. lol.. so don't care about tat la.. which types of people u hate? lol.. for me, i hate 4 types of people + 1 another type

1. selfish people-- what is consider selfish? dunno.. different people has different defination of tat.. so my defination is.. when i need something and i know tat she/ he has it but dun wanna lend u..

2. ham sap lou-- i start to hate this type of people when i am juz a little gal.. ham sap not those kind of ham sap in words like me.. is like he try to pok mong people.. this kind of people memang have to zam zu long de.. example.. i need his help, den when he helps u, he try to put his head on ur shoulder( stick to ur face), sit much nearer to u and put 1 hand on ur shoulder and the other hand holding ur hand.. this kind of people hmm sei dou mou yong..

3. those people who will just talk to u when they need u-- wad this mean? lol.. it juz means tat this poeple won't talk to u, care bout u when they have frens arounf them and they no need ur help at tat time. but.. when they are lonely, need some help from u, they will come to u and treat u very very nice.. but after they finish using u.. they will juz kick u to far far away kindom..

4. back stabber... people.. pls be aware of this word.. if the person tell u that he/she badbite u.. this is not consider backbite de la.. i admit tat i love gossiping.. but i will definately tell the person tat i am talking bad about u if i do so... if u noe tat some of ur best frens treat u very nice but they backbite u. juz throw them into the sea.. coz they are USELESS FRIENDZ!!!

5. haha.. i don't hate this type of people.. but juz think tat they are funny.. how to say ley.. hmm.. ok.. example.. TSUNAMI.. he got last for his running event i think.. but he still keep on boosting about this.. lets see the conversation between him and my friend.

TSUNAMI: i run first three at the starting point.
FRIEND: oh.. ( ofcoz la, hu can't run 1st three at the starting wor.. sorhai..)
TSUNAMI: ahyo.. i can run faster than him 1 lor.. damn slow wey this fella..
FRIEND: oh.. ( if u can run, oso won't get last la)

lol.. these are only 5 types i think.. lol.. i just not really like the 1st and 3rd types of people. hmm song only la.. but i hate 2nd and 4th.. I WON'T FORGIVE U IF U ARE 1 OF THEM.. ESPECIALLY THE 2ND WAN..



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