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Monday, June 18, 2007


Sorry people.. i had skipped skool for a week.. but start from tomolo, i will be a good gal. lol.. i am a good gal. but too many things bother me in this period of time.

the title for today topic is friend. Friends are kinda important in my life.. but if there are some people who thinks tat i can't really be your friend coz of my personallity.. sorry la.. maybe we shouldn't continue our friendship. i admit tat i am not a hardworking person. but i am not really a bad person to interact with ** i think so** someone told me juz now tat a gal tell him tat i make her can't really focus on her study. wad is this? wad i can say is -- if u got the spirit to score for ur exams u can don't bother about those people who stop u from tat. i may not be a good friend but i notice tat i am not a bad friend. wadz make u think tat 1 of ur friend is not good? wadz the defination of good? treat u nicely? praise u all the time? now. wadz the defination of bad? bad in personallity? not good in result? well, can't really make this kind of conclusion.. a prison may be true to his/her friends too. Everyone have friends and friends can be 2 types normal friends tat u will juz say hi to them or the other type, the 1 who listen to ur probz and really treat u nicely.. hmm.. i dunno i found my true friendz de or not. but i notice tat something tat u see wouldn't be the truth.. we can't judge a book by its cover rite.. haha.. all the best to caely.. i am kinda pissed when i writing this post.. my feeling is like --___!!! haiz..


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