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Sunday, June 24, 2007

got tagged by JOEY WONG MEI YEE

hua lala... got tagged by joey wong mei yee. one of my tuition frend.. stupid gal.. haha. xD

5 things found in my school bag...

pencil case, exercise books, test book, bottle, calculator.xD

hand bag!!

purse, hand free, mascara, baby oil, eye liner..

5 things found in my purse/ wallet

cash!!, I.C., sesi, picture, cards

5 things found in my room>.>

bed, wardrobe, facial stuff, chair, desk..
I am currently into
1. blogging
2. sms-ing HER..
3. replying comments
4.listening to music
5. reading novel
the 5 idiots who kena tagged!!
1. kin meng
2. JEN jEN
3. yuen hee!
4. audrey..
5. alwin loo...


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