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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


OH YEA!!! I AM BACK PEOPLE.. HAHA.. well.. still remember i wrote something at the end of my previous post? hmm... the him is somebody i crushed to last time.. lol.. it had been a long long time ago, when i worked in teddy tales ( T.T ) , there was a cute guy who worked in this shop beside T.T... but now the shop is no longer there de la... he is kinda cute actually.. saw him that day when i was on my way to ss2... he can't recognise me.. i think.. coz i am so damn yong sui at tat time, he passed by me but he never said hi or wave to me.. lol.. nvm.. i think i will forget bout him.. haha.. xD

now.. time to talk about sports day marching.. i am still joining the scout marching team.. wow.. i had been joining from form 2 till now. 3 years de.. haha.. is kinda cool actually.. b4 this, i not really want to join in but now not really.. coz i start to love it.. marching is so nice and i love our motos-- ONE TEAM ONE SOUND, ONE TEAM ONE HAND MOVEMENT, ONE TEAM ONE AIM.. hmm.. the aim is to have fun.. lol.. ya.. we really have fun while marching. like today, we practised from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.. and yesterday, 7.30p.m. till 10p.m... really enjoy this.. and for our formation, i really feel FU YOH with it.. it is so cool, so nice and fantastic.. haha.. watch us on sports day, den u will noe..

sien la.. wad can i crap now? ok, lets crap about my childhood.. haha.. xD.. hmm.. u may not believe this. coz wad i wear when i am a little gal is those kind of long dress.. 1 piece punya dan itu sangat ugly.. hair style at primary tat time is coconut head hair style.. for form 1 and 2 will be mushroom.. DON'T LAUGH K.. i am telling the truth.. but now i think i am ok de la.. haha.. xD.. look more like a teenage gal.. lol..


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