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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

kapas is fantastic.. lol.. i love this camp so much.. well.. it is a 5 days 4 nite leisure camp. most of the time, we are juz swimming in the sea, playing rugby, volleyball on the beach.. the person tat teman me all the time during this camp is yan shan.. what i can say about her bside she is nice, kind and friendly person.. ee min, audrey, yan shan and me shared a tent. the tent is kinda comfortable on the 1st and 2nd day but not the day after it... most of the time we spend is on the bus.. the journey to kapas take us 12 hours.. so total time is 1 day loe.. my group members are nice people( caely, yan shan, audrey, deepan, charmaine, alwin, denesh and lik man).. basically, i spent most of my time with yan shan.. no matter where we are.. i am with her.. and she is always with her cell phone.. sms-ing the person tat she love to sms with.. well.. people, i think u noe who he/she is.. ahaha.. i had learn lots of things in this camp.. so, it change my point of view.. sometimes u gv up that amount, u might hope to receive the same amount of wad u had given out.. but reality won't be so nic to u!!

1st day!!~~ ready to go
well.. caely didn't sleep for tat night again.. really afraid tat i will miss the bus.. have to be in skool at 5.. someonez late for an hour so we start our journey late for an hour.. lol.. sleep and enjoy my novel in bus.. reached kuantan around 12 something.. sir and pn fari got to go and get some fresh food so all of us just shop around the area.. after tat, continue our way to kapas.. reached kapas jeti about 5 something.. uncle bus park his bus den we took 2 ferry and 1 motoboat to pulau kapas.. well.. i got the chance to take the motoboat.. it is faster compare to ferry.. the campsite is clean, water clear like crystal, sand is soft and smooth.. wow.. u will think this is a wonderful island if u never been redang and tioman b4.. we have a kitchen to cook.. but there is too many mosquito there.. thanks to aiken tea tree oil.. mosquito repellent is USELESS.. it attract more mosquito.. my mopiko is used by others more than me.. well.. i brought tat for them.. so nvm.. hehe.. well.. we have our bath dance over there.. well.. even u are having ur shower, the mosquito won't stop disturbing u.. so, we keep on jumping here and there while putting on shampoo and shower foam on our body.. lol.. ** we cook our meal there!!**

2nd day ~~ when fun begin!!
sir put us in 2 group for canoeing.. the 1st group will be goin on the moring and the 2nd group will be going after lunch.. when the other group enjoying their canoeing, the other group will be doing sand castle.. well.. we are the 2nd group. so we start our day with building sand castle.. lol.. this is my 1st time building this thing.. dunno watx tat.. so i juz collect some sea shell to decorate it.. lol.. too bad.. the waves bring our sand castle away after we finish building it.. ikss.. bfore we go for our lunch, we had our little time swimming in the sea while looking at those cute and beautiful fishes.. canoeing was great.. i had nvr canoe in the sea.. well.. i am the person infront--bowman.. partner with denesh.. we went to the middle of sea.. den 8 of our canoes start to stick together.. suddenly, sir jumped down** don't worry.. we are wearing live jacket** den he swim to the front of the canoes and show us the way of coming down and back to our own canoe.. fter showing, he want us to try tat.. and he point at me and well.. i am so lucky to be the 1st 1 who jump down.. mama.. i am so afraid of the sea.. ** i drown b4 when i was just a 7 years old kid** but i still jump down and manage to go back to the canoe.. den mei wan and alwin start coming down and back to the canoe.. lol.. nice 1.. after canoeing, we back to our swimming time.. well wearing goggles allowed me to look wadz in the sea.. sea urchens are all around the sea.. so better watch out when u wanna step on the ground.. mei wan got tat.. lol.. pity her.. coz she got centipede bite on her toe.. haiz.. nite time is the most relax time for us.. lie on the
sand looking at the beautiful stars well.. they saw the meteor.. but.. i didn't get the chance.. haiz.. if i can see it, i will make the wish.. the wish tat i wish...

3rd day~~ rainy day~~
i slept early on the last night but i noe it is raining and the guys are helping us to put on the flysheet.. well.. they saw my sleeping face.. shit.. the next morning, we had our jungle trekking section on the afternoon.. is cool and easy hike.. except it is a little bit slippery.. after we finish the hike, we saw the beatiful sea infront of us and rubbish.. well.. dirty place.. spoil the view wey!!! after tat, back to our campsite and start jumping into the sea again.. ** basically, we are just swim here and there through out the whole camp..but we enjoy tat.. haha..** after dinner, discussed about our sketch.. i am one of the powerpuff gal.. blossom.. ** spelling correct?? ** lol.. lazy to tell the sketch here.. ask me if u wanna noe..

4th day~~ snorkelling~~
after all of us have the nice breakfast from pn fari and sir, we went for snorkelling at the other side of our campsite.. according to the cikgu** 1 of the people hu stay in cotton and noe well about this island** the seaview there are nicer.. went there and have my snorkelling.. not much to see actually.. but is nice also.. lol. my J tube got a little bit problem so the sea water non stop enter my mouth.. well.. sea water is salty.. this is wad i said when i reached kapas.. stupid rite.. lol.. after tat, went yum cha in a small cafe.. zadou by sir.. he said he wanna go diving.. i was like diving!! it cost me more than 100.. but i still follow and at tat time only i found out tat it is jump into the sea from jeti.. well it is quite high.. i jumped for 3 or 4 time.. enjoy doing tat.. it is nice..haha.. last nite there.. malam mesra diadakan.. it is nice and fun.. our sketch is zadou.. haha.. but not as zadou as jie fongs and yan shan slept at 4.20 on tat night.. well.. both of us went to the kitchen and saw this 2 guyz.. quarrel with 1 of them on tat night.. i had nvr za people like tat night for 2 and half year.. do tat coz i hmm song him?? lol.. sometimes we should let the feeling run but not keeping it in our deep heart.. if we do so, we will die faster due to too much pressure. xD...

5th day!~~ way home~~
wow!! so excited.. is time to leave this mosquitoland.. haha.. this time me and shan went back to jeti by ferry.. is an enjoyment when u sit there and let the wind blow on u.. lol.. reached jeti de.. den we went for breakfast.. had nasi lemak and 2 cups of teh o ice limau... bought a kg of laici.. cost me RM5.. cheap.. we saw some clothes store.. guess how much for a polo T.. well it is just RM3.. omg... is cheap dou lan.. haha.. but i don't think i dare to put it on.. lol.. back to the bus and slept for 3 hours in the bus until we reached kunatan and have our lunch+dinner there.. went to a mamak shop.. tried their nasi briyani and it taste very very good.. well it is my best nasi briyani wey.. haha.. back to bus and start gossiping about people.. well.. i gossip about myself too.. lol.. reached skool around 920.. sir gv us a talk after tat, zi xiang offer me a ride to taman bahagia so tat it is easier for me to take a cab there.. but i am so unlucky.. the driver took me to damansara. he mistaken my house is in damansara but in actually in ara damansara. so i drop off in taman megah and called my mom by using the public phone.. suddenly, zi xiang appear bside me and asked me why i am not home yet.. told him everything and he told me tat he is buying bread in the shop.. lol.. mom didn't turns up after 50 min.. so i took another cab home.. it cost me 11 bucks for this ride.. normally it is juz RM7.. ikss.. btw.. he is an indian from supercab.. kena con.. ikss.. but i am home safely..

if i got the chance to go for kembara camp again, i will go for it if there is yan shan there with me.. caely's theory-- u won't feel fun if u don't have a true buddy with u evendoe u are in a nice place which full of fun.


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