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Sunday, June 24, 2007

my dearest class~.~

BLA BLA BLA... I CAN CRAP!!! YEAH... IT IS COOL... don't u think so? lol.. some people might like the people who can crap but some don't.. they might juz think that these people are trying to be out standing. lol... well.. i found out something this period of time--- I AM IMPROVING MY ENGLISH!!! YEAH!!! so happy.. lol.. to tell u the truth, actually.. i have a dictionary beside my com now. if i found any words tat i can't really understand, i will refer to it. lol.. thatz how i improve my writing. to improve my speaking skill.. easy lah.. chat with the 3 big banana in my class-- JEREMY, SHING CHYE, MELISSA. Melissa is the purest gal in my class** i think so** lol.. ok ok.. i noe is kinda bored if i keep writing this stupid CRAP. so.. lets talk about my dearest, cutest and wonderful class.

4 IXORA..... well, it is the 1st sub science class.. hmm, there are only 2 sub science classes.. ^.^'''... we have all types of people here.. beauty, handsome, ugly, short, tall, smart, stubborn, hot, cool, lansi, nerd, noob, talkative, tomboy, sisi, lala, si ham...... wow.. i think there are more than what i write here.. coz the chinese always say tat human has 1000 of characters. XD ... this post is mainly about some of my classmates.. lol.. check this out.. hmm.. i think i will only write about my gang.. the brotherhood over the other side are not in it.. MAYBE LA.. coz i dunno where i wil stop my crap.

haha.. i think i am 1 of them but i have another partner with me-- chew karmun.. lol.. if there are 5 days for skooling** well, it is only 5 days** we will just come for 2 or 3.. haha.. but we complete all the homework except for some stupid teacher subjects like add math.

hmm.. talkative ah... everyone in my class are talkative but when it comes to the people who can't stop her/his mouth from 7.25 till 1.05.. i think there are only yoke mun, jeremy, shing chye, caely and KAH KEN... we can't really keep our mouth shut for 1min.. lol.
gitar!! we alwayz have 1 in the class.. lol..
smartest. u mean in real life or study? ok.. 1 is smarter in life the other 1 is study.. i think the person who is smartest in life in my class is Elizabeth. she is kinda smart.. lol. if talk about study, of coz the 1st in our class la.. u jean!! she is so damn chun wey.. got A1 for all the subjects except for B.M B3.
chin shen and Elizabeth!!
SHING CHYE.. ya. is u.. omg!! i can't belive that i name him yang yang.. if u watch hua yang shao nian shao nv, u will noe that the yang yang in tat tv drama is actually a GAY LOU WHO IS CUTE!! haha.. a cute gay lou.. well.. people, shing chye is juz as cute as him not as gay as him la.. he isn't a gay.. don't worry.. haha..
JEREMY .. XD. this boy is totally sick la. dunno wadz wrong with him wey. everytime will start those kind of horny, stupid topic with me and yoke mun. i noe we are the honiest gals in class k!! haha.. BUT U ARE THE HONIEST IN 4 IXORA!!

all the gals are consider pure in my class, except some... caely, yoke mun, karmun, elizabeth, mun ling. i think this people are totally not in the pure list de. others like sooi kee, ziao Vin, yen ni, puay huang, sue hui, chin shen, melissa, emily are quite PURE!!
These are the pure gals.. which don't wanna face the camera!! zadou!!
Pure people!!!
ok ok. wesley.. the most handsome 1 in our class.. sorry la. The standard of my class is kinda low. so, he is the most handsome 1 lor.. jk jk.. actually my class boys are quite ok in appearence la.. xD
The Beauty
when there is a handsome guy, there must be is a beautiful gal oso. the most beautiful gal ah.. honestly, i dunno how to judge coz i am a gal. so juz follow wad the boys said, they think that the prettiest gal is karmun.. so.. she is the prettiest!! lol.. she memang pretty.. XD
ok. no comment for this. but as wad i think, yoke mun is the most zadou person in my class.. no matteR wad she said, we fell zadou.. lol.. ZADOU!!

the gal who sit beside me is a prefect.. haha.. a kononya prefect. have u seen a prefect playing hp with u? well.. i saw A LOT.. HAHA.. my class perfects are all konon.. but.. they are all cool and hot people( how u cool and hot in the same time?? xD) SIEW LI AND UMESH!!
kononnya!!! umesh..
is cool when i tell u this. both of the tallest and shortest person in the form are in my class. wow.. ming zhe.. i think his height is about 187cm.. and for yi hou.. i dunno wadz his height but he rox in sports and art evendoe he is short.. lol.. it proof this to us --- HEIGHT CAN'T STOP U FROM RUNNING!! ** lame 1**

4 ixora memang rox la.. we got 2 pro dancers in my class.. sooi kee and karmun.. both of them can dance very well.. haha.. especially sooi kee.. damn chun wey!!! karmun is better in sexy dance and for sooi kee is boys dance --> TBXQ!!!

our class are full with leaders. almost half of our classmates are the COH of clubs or badan beruniform.. like kin meng, mun ling, karmun, zi yang, sooi kee, wai yew, thomas, umesh, chin shen......
jason and the lovely gal!! melissa!!
u jean, me and yoke mun

Tania, Davinia and u jean!
Zhiao vin!!!
innocent gal.. emily@.@
it is me!!! yeah!!!
This is the class atmosphere!!
tired de la.. haha.. ok. conclusion... hmm.. i noe some people in my class not really happy with our class and hate it.. but why ur hate this lovely class? for me, i think this is the best class ever!! ofcoz, we have some naughty people here but if without this people, u think u will like this class? it will be so bored k. lol.. 2 years in this class ah.. try to zan sek a bit la.. haiz...
***~~~~~>4 IXORA ROX!!!<~~~~~***


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