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Saturday, June 30, 2007

my friday and SATURDAY!!

OH YEAH!! scouts didn't win in marching.. lol.. but we did a good one this year.. thanks to the scouters who helps us.. actually, i very very proud of the scouts.. we only have 3 days to practise, not more than 8 hours termasuk raptai. the 1st marching scouts have in this year will be the raptai.. b4 raptai, we didn't have any practise on tat... wad people told me was.. scout rox wey... this is the best formation i ever seen from scout.. hmm, ok. ^.^!! it is more to an insult than compliment.. after marching on the field, we have our meeting infront of scouts' den.. ee ern talk alot.. i juz felt so fed up on myself due to some stupid things i heard from karmun.. lol.. nvm. after everythings end.. we went to choi choi soi** island cafe** to yum cha sek fan.. me, yoke mun, karmun, kah jun, siu mun, yin chuan.. some people thought we are all pairs.. but we aren't la.. me and siu mun are juz fren!! lol.. the meals cost us about 70.. i think.. but we sat there for 3 and half hours.. haha.. xD. after tat, went5o' clock physics least i learn something from this class. is kinda good la.. at least i noe i take this class on tat day is better than i take the 8o' clock section coz i am too tired on tat day de.. went wai sek kai, teman suk ting, ka wei and ming zhe makan den only went home.

saturday.. skool replacement.. is fun for me except the stupid gotong royong thingys.. it is so damn dirty.. especially the area we incharged was the block c gardens and ponds.. after gotong royong.. went back to class. and ave a very very very long chat with umesh.. he is so damn nice.. i think.. lol.. i don't believe he is this kind of people b4 today.. haha. xD.. after skool, went to den and saw the ws (world scout jamboree)j people are doing the pan cake.. didn't try tat, bt i think is nice gua.. ee ern, celine, pui ling and last but not least vincent went today.. we are actully having a troop meeting in the den. it doesn't like a scout meeting at all but more to a debate for me. we have to discuss the tyopic they gv me and present our opinions. 3 topics for my group which is me and mathew ONLY!! 1. lesbian and gay *.*''.. 2. how to turn 100 ringgit model to 500 ringgit in 2 days time. 3. wad should we have in troop meeting in order to let the scouts have fun, learn something, and can apply it next day. for the lesbian and gay thingy, i didn't think much of it but juz telling out wad i had wrote in my 2nd post of this blog.. the 4 reasons why people bcome gay and lesbian. and for the 2nd topic, i gv my idea which is sell drink in contraction area in country side... hmm.. not really work gua.. but some people told some stupid idea like sell banana (kin meng and geoffrey), go fishing and sell the fishes ( chee ken), massage people ( kevin and vincent).. for the last topic, i juz gv a stupid idea which is build a stage and have cultural day instead of cultural night.. lol. i noe it is stupid, but juz take it as a opinion of caely.. lol xD.. hui lin pop up suddenly and said wanna come to my house for internet.. shit her la.. she screw up my day wey.. ikss.. nvm.. i am blogging here while eating my nougats.. it is nice.. products of australia which bought from my neighbour yesterday when she's back. it is so nice .. yummy!!! lol


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