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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Scout CaMP

The camp was on 31th May till 3rd of June.. sorry for posting it late.. haha.. no time.. well.. the camp was wonderful.. i am the only senior gal there so i have to say thanks to ching and shannen for company the FQM of the camp** have to cook for 30 people** hmm.. not really easy as wad i think b4 i handle it.. but i love to cook.. so. ok lor!! as a member of the senior patrol~~ bleach!!~~ ** damn zadou when i noe tats my patrol name** i didn't join those activities tat should have by my juniors. my duty is juz stay in the kitchen and COOK!! LOL... i really cook from the day till night.. i mean, after i finish cooking breakfast, clean up. after tat, hike to the waterfall, den come back.. cook lunch, clean up everything de.. hav to serve fruit pula.. cook my dinner at 5 something and after dinner, wash everything b4 i start boiling tea or milo.. haha.. i didn't really do anything about pioneering due to my not really pro skills.. haha.. i am not as good as the boys but i am ok.. lol.. we build the double decker tat can affort 26 people on it.. can u believe this?? lol.. thanks to the boys tat gv out their hard work.. we had our backwoodsman cooking on the 2nd day.. the chicken was fantastic.. lol... actually i don't think tat it is bcoz of the fire or kinz cooking skills but the quality of the chickens.. we bought the chickens with the price of RM12.90.. it is consider expensive for a small chicken.. don't u think so? for those people who noe caely very very well, she can't stand her night without looking at her teddy bear.. but she gorgot to bring it there.. gosh!!! but she still manage to get into sleep without it.. too tired de.. lol.. the gals there are nice.. but mathew, chee ken and vincent are still my little cutiez.. lol.. they are too cute.. but chee ken went hinme with alwin on the 2nd day.. haiz.. miss him so much.. lol.. sand flies bites. tatz wad i got after i came back from camp.. i got around 70 bites on my face.. and kevin said i look like the phantom.. xP.. the day after i back from scout camp, went out to 1u to get myself something for kapas beach camp.. after tat went kayu and yum cha with kah jun and wai yew.. after an hour, karmun came and joined us.. lol.. we talk about 'him' again.. well, i not really like him de after i found out something from munz..

sorry, not really feel like writing anything coz i had forgotten everything tat i experience in this camp.. can't blame me.. coz it is already 12 of june.. haha.. btw.. i will be posting my kapas camp post the day after tomolo gua..

The picZZZ

b4 we leave, lets cheezz!!

scout pose!! "."

The seniors!! kononnyAA!!

my face without sand flies bites!! T.T

double decker!! cool!!

we sleep on it!! haha..

mua kitchen!! x.x

clothes hanger!!

backwoodsman chicken!!


sorry.. my look very chan.. juz wake up..

juniors are nice.. haha

mathew and me!! i look dark!! haha.. noo.. he is too fair..


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