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Monday, June 25, 2007


Well, this will be a short and crapless post.. i am juz telling out wad i feel about myself today.. haha.. ok.. we have our raptai today.. scouts did a bad 1.. can't blame.. this is our 1st practise after hari merdeka ended last year. everyone is laughing at us.. especially Edxxx Sxx.. i seriously hate him like a piece of shit wey.. he damn jin kak.. heh.. my hate to him is actually from last year and why i hate him, this wil remain as a question for u to guess. bla bla bla... after tat, have my mod math.. kinda focus to wad teacher teaching.. after mod math.. physics pula.. skipped class.. coz physics is 2 periods. which is the last period and the extra period which from 1.05 till 1.40.. got my dental appointment at 2 something. so, i have to do so.. sorry teacher.. me and ms cheryl took a lift from suk tingx mom to lrt station.. went to dental and the doctor scolded at me.. coz i didn't take a good care of my braces. the last charm drop off.. lol.. this time, change the rubber color from blue to purple.. nice gua.. lol.. after waited for my cousin to finish her check up den we went to sungai wang. as normal, sungai wang is full of leng zai. saw so many leng zai around.. went 6th floor, have our dinner there.. -- sushi station.. not really nice, but we have our good time there.. hehe.. after full feed ourself, went times square and have a movie there.. i dunno wadz the movie name but wad my cousin said is..not bad.. i dunno wadz tat about actually coz i felt a sleep from the advertisment till the middle part of show ended.. so, i juz watched the back part.. haha.. xD..

coolest things of today are..
--- i pok kai for 2 times.. 1st is in the skool. after i had my recess, went to scouts den and i felt down on the stair case there.. 2nd times is when i wait for star lrt, well.. is kinda bored at that time, so i skip here and there.. and felt down.. luckily no one was there at tat time.. if not.. i really got to jump to the track .. another 1 is more cham when it compare to the pok kai cases.. which is i bang to the lamp post.. this happened when i walk to the dental.. i was looking at the message my cousin sent me while walking.. suddenly, i bang to this lamp post.. omg.. is so damn painful and paiseh.. all the people passed by were looking at me and laughing .. ikss. really hope there is a hole for me to put my head in at tat time. bad lucks nvr end for my day.. after i pay for my fees, the nurse gv me a receipt. but, it drops on the floor.. so i bow down and pick it up lor.. but when i get up, i bang the counter pula.. wad the.. this is even painful than the lamp post.. ikss. bad luck la.. haiz...

by the way.. i stil miss him.. wad should i do? forget bout him?? xS


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