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Monday, July 16, 2007


GOSH!!! i am so busy this week.. seck houng asked me to plan a charity event for scout.. and he juz give 1 week to do it!!! wad the.. nvm.. the charity event is on this saturday and guess wad.. this saturday is interact installation!!! i really dunno wad i can do now to make everything go well.. den.. this sunday, me, shiang leng, karmun and yan shan (my loupor, babe and darling.) are going for a clean up event in ULU LANGAT!! this event is plan by kembara club.. kinda like kembara.. teachers and members are all cool people.. lol.. oh ya.. i saw a very cute guy in kembara.. btw.. i juz treat him as my brother.. he is damn cute.. ze xiang.. haha.. u are cute.. lol..
yesterday went 1u with jeremy, shing chye, karmun, yokemun, marcus, sooi kee.. 7 of us watched HARRY POTTER.. it is not really nice.. the movie don't have climax.. so.. is juz bored!!! people.. this is the 1st time i been praised by shing chye and jeremy.. jeremy i dunno la.. but shing chye taste is kinda high.. haha.. he said tat i look very good yesterday.. i mean my dressing la.. omg.. i juz can't believe it.. but i am happy.. as they said.. i am 100% 1u style.. look high class and sexy!! ** should i use this word?** lol.. anyway.. thankz.. hehe..

braces diary!!!
hmm.. maybe u will juz ask me why i am so happy with the stupid compliment from shing chye. hmm.. after i put on braces. no one praise me.. is kinda sad.. i not really feel like taking picture with my this look.. it looks ugly.. ikss.. and the thing i hate most is i don't speak to people after i eat... coz.. there will be alot of food stuck in the braces.. the only way to make to open my mouth is to rinse my mouth with water.. haiz.. juz hope tat the day i take tat off!!!


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