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Monday, July 23, 2007

Finally.. everything are done.. yeah!!! charity event cancel de.. coz too many things on tat day.. interact installation.. was juz ok!! the performances were awesome.. ond not to forget the name (tracy) is called to receive my name tag.. well.. they mixed up me and tracy.. so.. when they called tracy.. i am the 1 who went up the stage and receive the tag.. lol.. kinda suprise seeing myself wearing the interact uniform.. is kinda cool.. look good.. haha. xD after the installation, went sungai wang with friends.. we wore interact shirt there and bought some clothes in sungai wang to change.. hmm.. basically. this is my 1st time being lala.. and i not really like it.. it is so not me.. tatz why i am so bad mood when i dressed tat up.. **for ur infomation, i am wearing the socks.. those lala socks.. hmm.. ok.. once and ever!!! not to say i hate lala la.. but i juz don't like myself being lala.. don't mistaken yea.. yang yang!!! like wad i said juz now.. I AM IN A BAD MOOD.. but u have to be happy when u go out with ur friends.. if not.. they will be moody juz because of u.. so i start to be S * square* syok sendiri. noe wad i did? i skip about 300 meter to the restaurant.. GASOLINE!! it is a cool restaurant.. we sat inside.. it is like the japanese style.. but the differences are the food, drink, and deco.. when i get in to the room, i start making those stupid noise like wow wow!!! and when the waiter bring my drink to me, yoke mun was like.. caely ah, when i reached home hor, get u some ice, lemon slice and a can of coke.. i think i will juz cost u 2.00 not like here RM4... haha.. at tat time i was like.. WHY CAELY SO STUPID 1!!!! IKSSS.. we really have fun at there.. we make everyone "HIGH" with us.. everyone there was like doing roll call.. haha.. 1 by 1 yelling around.. lol.. have fun tat day..

loupor honey babe and me!!
i am taller than her.. 1 head!!
ok ok.. she is tall xD
GUESS WAD!! early early wake up juz to collect rubbish in sungai lolo... but.. it is fun!!! haha..really.. i feel successful after i finished the 19km hike which take me 6 hours.. ikss.. i mean go up and come down la.. basically.. the reasons i have fun is because of the form 6 seniors.. they are so cute.. making fun of me.. saying caely ben dan.. but.. i nvr deny tat.. coz.. i think i am quite ben dan.. ji bong.. cute la.. haha.. like tomato only ah.. somemore got boobs** negative A...** hehe.. lets back to the hike.. the hike is really hard.. me and karmun partner and both of us is like very sanfu on the way back.. coz we never stop for 5 hours de.. ahyoyo.. can't believe tat >.>.. hehe.. finally.. we make it. if there is another time for me to go again, i will still go for it.. KEMBARA ROXXXX!!!! oh ya!! not 2to forget sir buy us some kampung durian which taste very very good.. haha.. got worms inside somemore.. but.. as wad my mom said.. tat is nicer. haha.. xD..
sine yee, karmun and me.. i am so lala..
yoke mun and me.. got to put myself lower!! hahaxD
jeremy is taller?? lol.. haha xD.. inside joke!!
today is a busy day oso.. coz have to try out on my barbecue chicken.. well.. it really taste goodd.. as wad the people said.. hmm.. ok.. lets see.. how mush should i sell.. i think 1.50 is ok.. hehe.. there are 2 flavour.. honey and lemon grass. people, pls don't think tat the honey flavour is juz putting on honey on the chicken.. actually there are more secret recipe inside.. try it out ok.. it juz cost u 1.50 TO GET GOOD FOOD!!!

this is juz the 1 b4 i decorate it and put on some other thing.. check this out on canteen day k!! :)


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