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Saturday, July 7, 2007

HMM!!! this thursday was our drama competition.. everyone look stress!! i can understand tat.. haha.. but i feel so happy.. coz i nonit to do anything beside screaming loudly.. we did our best.. this is wad i think la.. haha.. duncan look great.. i mean wesley.. he is so handsome and he did so well.. wow!! he should be mcbeth ~~ the main character. i took the charater of the servant.. the 1 who scream when she saw duncon dead bodY!! as wad the audience said, the scream rox.. ** thank you thank you!!** especially the part i stick to the wall.. haha.. xD.. ok.. enough for drama.. at 6 o' clock, went cineleisure with kah jun, yoke mun, karmun and yin chuan.. haha.. hmm.. i am so odd tat day coz i am the only person with no partner.. hmm.. nvm.. we watched TRANSFOMER!! it is damn nice wey.. i love the gal.. she is hot.. wow!!

today ~~~ saturday.. and i am suppose to be in st john school right now for their campfire!! but, why i am here? bcoz seck houng said.. ST JOHN IS UNDER KL NOT PJ.. IF U WANNA GO THERE, MEANS U ARE REPRESENT PJ.. AND U NEED THE LETTER.. BLA BLA BLA.. so we end up staying at home.. watch tv 1 watch tv.. online 1 online.. study 1 study.. crapping 1 crapping.. blogging 1 blogging.... today afternoon, i have something cool.. which is ROCK CLIMBING in summit.. hmm compare to 1u, it is not really tat chun la.. coz 1u 1 is high enough.. we got our lesson from the workers there.. the guy is nice to us. learn so many things today, how to tie figure of 8 and double figure of 8, belayed, climbing..... it is a waste if u are not there coz it is juz RM28!!! from 2 till 5 o' clock.. got to climb till the top of 6B.. oh ya.. there are lots of wall over there and all got numbers.. like.. 5A, 5B, 5C, 6A, 6B, 6C, 7A, 7B, 7C.. the higher the number, the hard for u to climb coz the number of rock decrease and the size of rock oso getting smaller and smaller..

don't u think karmun's eyes look nicer? is me who draw the eye liner for her.. haha!!


ah yo yo ... i really look like ah sam!! tatz karmun and me!!

group picture of everyone!!

this is 6C.. hard like shit. i only can climb 70% of it.. and only mathew and yew leung can finish it!!

this is sooi kee!! haha..

nicole.. another cool gal.. we wore the same shirt!! hahaxD

it is me.. giving a try on 6C!!

mathew!! belaying for yew leung..

ya.. this is hard.. and he can do it.

sorrry!!! S.Sing .. haha xD

sooi kee and caely!!

the boys are climbing... fast 1!!

she is belaying for me.. i am not tat heavy.. right? ahaha

haha.. it is me.. hanging on the air!!

the climber and belayer!!

sorry!! sooi kee s.Sing now.. haha

random pic!!

ps:// caely got a certificate from summit climbing gym which proof tat i passed the test!! wow!!


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