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Monday, July 2, 2007


AIM--- top 10 of 4 ixora!!! ahyo.. shouldn't make this stupid aim la.. now shit de.. i told those bananas in my class tat i am goin to succeed it.. but IMPOSSIBLE LA.. ahyo.. i think i really have to gv marcus a treat in italianese de.. haiz.. nvm.. oh ya, i late for skool today coz my neighbour who fetched me today thought my skool is Catholic.. so, she fetched me there.. wrong way. so take kinda long time to reach skool. stand on the middle of field. everyone was looking at me.. paiseh ley.. but nvm.. at least i came ryte.. class time not really much things to do.. so most of my time is juz chatting with yoke mun. OMG!! munz and jun are already 8 months.. swt.. damn long wey.when she told me this, i was like wy i so mou yong 1.. coz my crush also 8 months de ah.. but still haven hoi fa kit kor.. !! -.-'''... after skool, stay back until 3 coz i missed 1 and 2 o'clock bus.. normally, i will juz waited my time to pass in lrt station..etc, the bus is 3 o'clock, but now only 2.30.. so i will wait in taman bahagia lrt until 2.50 den only i take my train to kelana jaya. when u wait for lrt on the 2nd floor of lrt station is kanda ncie.. the wind blow at u!! haha.. xD...

i have been long long time nvr eat ABC already lor.. all because of my body problem. so, today i decide to have ABC in the mamak shop near my house.. it dissapointed me.. it doesn't taste good.. hmm.. the best ice kacang in town will be PHUA CHU KANG'S AH MA ICE KACANG.. got ah tap chi inside some more.. xD.. hehe.. now i am blogging infront of my stupid computer.. and thinking about the coming tuition.. as they said.. the tuition is very good.. add math tuition la.. it is on wednesday 3--5.. so, if ur wanna find me to yum cha keng kai.. very hard de lor coz i promised myself to study hard for my end year.. if i don't study good.. didn't get good result in spm.. ur will juz see me sweeping rubbish on the street.. haha.. HAVE TO MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE!! SEE ME ON TV NEXT TIME.. HAHA xD.. paiseh.. xD

YANG YANG said "she" likes to read blog which contain picture wor!! so.. i put this yea!!


another big news from my sister and it hurts me so.... guess wad.. her hp was ringing juz now so i picked up. well it is juz a message. so, i ma read lor.. omg.. it is from a guy name LIM xxxx xxx.. form 2.. my junior.. and the message is "wait me in canteen tomolo, got something important to tell u." i was like ok, northing ma.. normally friend sms oso lik tat 1 la. so, i keep on reading her messages.. almost 15 messages below are from him. den.. all are like.. "wait me in library, class, teras, canteen.. got something important to tell u" or "can i ask u something. is impostant for me".. hmm.. are u thinkng wad i am thinking right now? YES.. BINGO!! someone is interested on my sister.. i think.. another sam leng dek chong siong for me.. she is juz form 1 and got admirer de.. but nvm.. admirer not important. the main point is u like him or not. ryte? ** this doesn't mean i don't have admirer k, i do have some xD** haha.. i am not tat bad.. congratez to my sister la.. oh ya.. mun ah.. my sister height is 160cm, form 1 nia ley.. so TALL!! haha.. juz jk.. i am only 140cm when i am a form 1 gal ^.6.. wahaha.. xD


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