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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

a mixed rice blog..

I am tired and sleepy right now.. so won't crap so much la.. joined add math tuition.. the teacher is good.. very good.. but the student* me* is juz sux.. haiz.. i think i have to put more effort on it de.. lol.. tomolo is drama competition.. our class is doing mc beth.. and my character is servant wad i have to do is juz standing at a side.... ^.^'''... i really don't understand why wesley they all like to put me as gong yan. coz last drama competition.. my character was dayang -dayang.. not much different la ryte.. ikss. somemore in class call me sei gong yan.. geram la!! i dunno wad i supose to do 1 lor.. i rather become a tree!!! xD.. yesterday, the boys in my class '' HIGH'' de.. they did a pyramid using their own bodies!! took these stupid picz.. lol.. yesterday night, went swimming with karmun, kye ling and mun ling in condo.. the condo swimming pool is not really deep but it is so beautiful.. the swimming pool is cover by glass window.. so people outside can c u swimming there.. haha.. xD.. karmun is the 1 who swim most.. i did't even swim more than 13 rounds.. only 8 or 9 i think.. but for her more than 26.. or around tat la.. mun ling dunno how to swim so karmun teached her oso lor.. xD.. i think i can end this post de lor.. juz put all the picz i have took la.. ok? lol.. bye bye!! there is a cideo in the bottom part of this post.. take a look.. it is funny@.@

~~ picZ~~

this is 1 of the random pic!!

this pic is to show the lesbianatic and open minded of our class!!

cool leh!!! haha.. xD

u are looking at mr fong muscle!! XD

after a few try, they did it.. pyramid
done by issak, wesley, thomas, audrew, say chong, kah ken, dao shen, jeremy, william and jazli!!

there is always something like this behind succeed!! haha.. pok kai!!

welcome people.. this is KYE LING!!

mun ling, karmun and me!!!

for those who wanna learn swimming, plz contact karmun,
hp num : 012-32730xx.. not open for ham sap lou!

1st ugly pic tat i admit it is ugly!! haha.. do i look like baboon?? xD
now.. mun turnz!!! baboon!!!

a pic b4 we leave!!!

ini lah gambar kami bertiga-tiga!!

did i tell u there is sauna?? lol.. memang got ley!!
i lov the swimming pool.. it is so COOL!!!

i am a sea lion.. yea.. this is my fren, sea coconut.. hahaXD

don't u think it is nice? surrounded by this..

lol.. she pretty ah!!! i mean karmun la xD

this is her.. the sor por.. click on the pic to see wat i write o!!


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