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Saturday, July 28, 2007


LOL!!! 3 more days, august de... i did lots of things this year.. hmm.. kembara orientation, kapas beach camp, scout mid year camp, senior camp, rock climbing, interact installation, EXAM( got G for so many subjects.)........ and people, this is my 61 post.. i can't believe tat i can keep on blogging for 7 months.. haha.. for the people who noe me well have the same thought.. they can't even believe i did this.. sometimes, i use to ask myself, why i am a human.. not a pig, dog, elephant or a chicken.. weird? ya.. kinda..i admit tat i am weird.. but if i am not tat weird, will i get myself in so many funny and unbelievable stuff? lol.. i even sat in police car b4.. not becoz of crime k.. i juz got lost in th street when i was 10 years old.. hehe.. man live longer compare to the others.. and man can choose their live.. haha.. but.. why the stupid government state our live? we must go school if not.. we wouldn't have future.. lol!! this Tuesday, there was a exhibition in my school.. lots of college counters.. i went there and have a look.. well, i had make myself clear about the career i am going to involve myself in after finish schooling.. haha.. broadcasting.. in Chinese not English ofcoz.. lol.. my English is lousy... UTAR.. is a good collage for me.. not really expensive only RM30000++ to finish the course but wad my seniors told me was.. this college got lots of lala wor.. lol.. dunno wad to do.. get there or not.. sooi kee is interested on the tourism and hotel management.. but as wad she told me, her mom wan her to be an accountant.. evendoe she fight for the 1 she want but.. at last, she didn't get tat.. :(

hmm... lasy to blog alot la.. not really have special stuff this moment.. xD


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