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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

today topic will be a free topic.. hmm.. i will juz crap wad i think about Malaysian..normally, i go home by bus( rapid KL). and wad i always see while waiting for bus is.. people pushing each other juz to get into the bus 1st. today, not much different but there are 2 ah moh( european) looking at it and they smile to each other.. as a Malaysian.. embarrassed.. why must they fight for the seat? is like.... teachers and parents use to teach us to line up.. but wad i see is.. THEY DIDN'T DO SO!! haiz.. dunno wad i can said.. MALAYSIAN.. LOL.. i went for braces check up again.. put the same color for the rubber AGAIN~~ purple. Xian--my cousin put the same color too.. haha.. according to wad the dentist said, the braces will be remove on next year march.. kinda happy.. coz it only take a year.. LOL.. I am trying to be hardworking now.. got influence by friends.. haha.. ofcoz not the one sitting beside me.. ^.^''' ... but Sue Hui.. really like her la.. she is so nice. teach me add math.. maybe u think tat a person who willing to teach people add math isn't tat special. but but but... remember this. a person who can teach Caely in add math is always special and nice. haha... 4 ixora is a cool class? not really.. now only i found out tat teachers not really like our class.. but. do u think the fault comes from the students? wad i wanna say is NO!! if u noe who are the teachers who teach us, u will surely say something like.. omg.. is better that u don't come to school and self study at home.. serious.. besides our BM and BI teachers, others are xxxx... form teacher-- Cheong Lina.. tat 's the " best " wey.. haha.. because of her, most of my classmates wanna drop chemistry next year.. can u imagine how powerful she is? haha.. add math project is on the way... people asking my weight and height around.. weight 44kg, height 166cm. when i tell people my height is 166cm, they are like wah!! impossible la.. but is true.. i noe i look short..but!! i am tall .. sobz sobz!! i am juz a little bit shorter than Sooi kee.. about 2 cm i think.. haiz.. tomolo scouting sunrise.. having flag break on the AFTERNOON!! it should be scouting sunset.. don't u think so? lol.. anyway.. i am missing Mathew woo!! the 1 in England now.. jamboree!! REGRETTED!! I SHOULD GO FOR IT WEY!! IKSSSS!!!!!


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