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Sunday, September 16, 2007


school life of 2007 is goin to end in 3 more weeks... exams is coming in 4 days time... kinda worry about my result.. wad i can do now? last minutes work won't help me much... honestly, i don't feel like putting any effort on study.. juz wanna quit skool.. but will i do so? if i really quit skool, wad can i be in my future? just like wad i have said to my 14 years old cousin who already work. u can't make big money without a SPM certificate. i won't allowed myself to be like 1 of them. no matter how tough it is, i will still go through it. recall what i have did this year, i think it is kinda lame.. sometimes i feel like changing myself. don't talk so much, smile more, give people good impression... but i didn't make it... watched STAR CELEB on NTV7 jus now. it is a reality show about modeling and hosting. hmm.. tatz wad i wanna be in future. but will my dream come true?

b4 start writing this, i was visiting kitt lei & hui xian blog. i really envy on them sometimes.. both of them are so close. back to myself, i can't really find a friend who really understand me. karmun, kawei, sukting, yokemun.. ya, they are my friends but there is something lost between me and them. what's that? dunno. find a friend that noe u well? but wad u mean by noe u well? close with ur family? know all ur interests? can share secrets with her/him? hmm.. it is just complicated.. everything change.. 10 years b4, people still using diary to record their happiness and sadness but now blog had take the place of it. for me, i am still using diary. it is alwayz something precious for everyone. maybe after 30 years, when u have become people parents, take a look of ur diary. not to forget pictures. sweet memories are all inside.

[ i am just trying to release myself.. ]


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