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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


sorry people.. i have been disappeared in this blog for about 2 months.. lol.. too many thing to do.. after exams.. com got virus... so.. now i am using a new com.. wow!!! finally.. i have been waiting this for 4 years.. haha... yea.. this is a nice com. i will love it until i abandon it.. lol.. during the holiday, i work in few companies/restaurants.. the 1st job i got were actually a promoter in Mid Valley.. but i nvr work there after the 2nd days.. not bcoz there not good or wad.. but the people there are gay!!! not all but 3 out of 4... 2nd job... hmm... this was a sad case too.. i worked in a restaurant which near my house.. it is a Vietnamese restaurant.. my pay for each hour was RM5.00.. kinda high... but too bad, he only let me work for 5 hours a day on weekdays only.. so.. i don't think i can get much money then i quit.. the 2 jobs above were actually quite challenging.. learn alot of skills when i work there. especially the restaurant.. i have learn some of the recipes there.. ahaha.. wanna try tat out? go for camp den.. lol.. hmm.. Currently i work in Digital Mall.. selling camera.. 2nd floor.. it is actually a kiosk. so if u think tat ur camera is too old or u wanna have one.. come and look for me yea.. i will sure give u a special price.. hehe... besides tat, i am also a tutor... yea.. u never see it wrongly.. is TUTOR.. teaching tuition now.. at home.. not primary students but SECONDARY FORM 3!!! well i mean i am teaching form 3 syllabus.. he is goin to take PMR next year.. lol.. teaching is not as easy as wad i think bfore.. standing in front and crap.. crap.. crap... it needs lots of preparation.. so tat u noe wad u are goin to teach and also to make ur student understand wad u are explaining..

one of my student!!

Hmm.. besides changing jobs from 1 place to another place, i do have another interesting case to share... which is... I HAVE LOST 3 HPs in 14days.. can't believe it? well is true..

1st hp--- W810i-- dropped into the swimming pool when i have my pool party in yoke mun's house... ikss!!! well.. it happened bcoz: all my friends jumped into the swimming pool and start to swim.. den.. weix said: "all of u noe how to swim.. ikss.. " well.. ofcoz i noe how to swim.. den i just jump into the pool without notice that my hp is in my shorts pocket until i came off from the pool, weix said something:" Caely!! u noe wad i found.. ur HP!! yes. my hp inside the pool... " the next morning, i bring it to the repair shop and they took my hp for 2 weeks den only they tell me.. my hp GONE!!.. wad a sad case.. don't u think so?


2nd hp--- 1100 (nokia)-- yea.. this is the phone i used when i was form 1.. well.. my 1st phone oso.. lol.. when i sent my 1st phone to repair, i use this 1.. i plan to use it until i got my W810i back but... something happened... In this beautiful afternoon, me and some of my scout friends went pyramid.. yea.. skating... after tat, went for lunch...... until we went into arcade and start playing para para( it is a game machine which got 5 sens er on top.. and u juz need to swing ur hand which playing. ) lol.. i am a good para para player.. guess wad.. i beat everyone.. haha!!! juz becoz everyone were too concentrate on playing or looking at the one playing.. tragic begin... my bag got stolen.. my RM70 +IC + hp LOST!!! after the outing end, ching company me to the police office and make report.. such a nice person.. don't u think so?

Nokia.. 1100

3rd phone-- nokia phone 3100... it spoilt because i dropped it into the toilet bowl and when i wash it and send it to the repair shop.. the guy said.. sorry.. can't help!!!

Nokia 3100

So without any choices, i bought a new phone.. W5801.. ok ok la.. quite nice.. and cheap.. 1k only.. lol.. choose the grey color!!


Went for troop camp last Friday till Sunday.. it is very different from other camp.. well.. i know more about myself this time.. besides tat.. i really dunno how to explain it with words.. maybe u can take a look of the photo.. lol..


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