u better leave b4 i shoot at u!! hehehe....

Friday, November 30, 2007

Working in digital mall is a good experience.. lol.. the mall is having handphone price crash from today till sunday.. not really tat cheap after i did my survey.. lol.. but still consider cheap if u compare the price with the shop outside. If u think tat this is the time for u to get a new phone.. this is the time. Finally, i got my uniform. it is actually belongs to my bos wife, but now she borrow it to me. it looks good.. hehe.. my shop is currently looking for part time worker.. if u wanna get a job, pls come to digital mall 2nd floor. *** cute guys are all there*** wanna go for a movie. serching for people. anyone wanna go with me?? lol.. painting scout's kitchen next next week (17th December) anyone wanna join the team and paint together?? lunch will be provided.. hehe... i need around 7--10 people. call me if u wanna join yea.
Sorry.. cam whore!!
The guy tat i block, look cute.. haha xD


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