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Friday, December 21, 2007

18km hike with dumb dumb... NO 1~~~

When i am thinking wad should i put as title, this come into my mind.. 18 km hike with dumb dumb.. LOL... from the start of the hike until the next day 1.30p.m. , dumb dumb is the word i used most of the time.. why?? bcoz we are all dumb dumb.. well.. maybe is not because we are dumb but the clue is too difficult... i suddenly joined them for hiking.. well.. juz a day b4 that.. i got conned by lee kin meng. i thought i am not hiking with the junior but following scouter car.. but.. it end up i walking with them.. iksss.. Sir Vincent a.k.a. MR WAN SAN group us into 2 patrol. i am following kin meng, kian min, tuck choy and Vincent Tan.

Day 1
I am late... so my patrol start late. the 1st clue we got was --a college that teach people talk crap sing joke. can u get it? well.. the answer is taylors college. so, we went all the way to taylors sunway by bus. And that is where we start our 10km hike (walking ahh) . After we reached there, ee ern, vincent, tiam beng and Michelle were all there and they want us to find the next clue which they had hide in somewhere. Ofcoz we found it and the clue is-- how many bird in asia. lol.. is quite easy, we found a food court name Asia and there is a very huge cage which have lots of birds inside. ee ern asked us to count and we did.. but after 10 minz, we juz give up and walk to the counter and wanted to ask their manager but too bad the manager is not around. in this case, i juz tell kinz to said there is 100 birds inside coz 100 is a good number.. don't u think so? lol.. and this is how we pass our 2nd mission..

Waiting for bus

he is quite handsome.. haha xD (jk jk)

juz click on the picz and start counting yea!! hehe..

vince asking the number of birds

den.. the next clue-- look for SMK Subang Jaya. easy... atleast this is more direct.. so.. we went there de, Tiam Beng want us to draw out the logo of the school and find out wad the logo meanz. so we went into the school and asked the scouts. but non of them noe. without any choices, we went to the pengetua and asked about the logo. she is a very kind person. After she told us everything about the logo, she took a photo with us. Den, we went to the 3K. and from there, we got our next clue- Super Syok Sendiri Private skool. and the skool is SRI SEDAYA SUBANG. Kin Meng is the 1 who lead us there but this time, we got lost. After a big round, only we reached the skool. the most BURST part is.. the skool is still under renovation. No wonder when we asked people about this skool, they dunno.

we are here in SMK Subang Jaya. xD

Here we are to get the next clue.

The handsome and pretty scouters who follow us!!
xS.. can't buy drink..


xD. xD.. xD... xD.... xD..... xD......

Treasure Hunt again b4 we get the next clue.. the next clue is.. GOLD mines.. something u contribe everyday.. lol.. INDAH WATER la.. so.. we walked there and something funny happened there.. kinz cup mee felt off from his bag and drop into the drain beside indah water. and he picked up and open that layer of plastic to make sure the inside is clean. xD.. well.. he have tat for dinner.. lol.. from Indah Water, we got our clue7-- scouter council college.. quite easy.. juz take the 2 letter infront which is SC and it tell u tat it is sunway college.. lol.. so we walked there while michelle and tiam beng sitting ee ern's car there. When we get there, ee ern's gv us the mission. Go in sunway and ask for courses. but. when we go in, the guard stopped us juz because we are wearing safety vest and look like someone who come and kao kao zan. haha.. yea.. we are.. but.. we still get to go in after we pass him our IC. We didn't get to get any counselor and ask but.. we get some catalog from them la.. after tat, have our lunch which is nasi lemak in park.. after lunch went Sunway and meet ee ern they all to get the next clue. got it. and tat is-- siblings to talk crap sing and joke. He plays instead of singing. can't figure it out for quite long. suddenly, one of us got tat which is TAYLORS P.J. but.. where is it? lol.. we asked around until we got it.. it is in the BALI BUILDINg.. so we walked from sunway pyramid to BALI and on the way we took lots of photo.

He is telling us the way!!!

lol.... smile!!! we are now in sunway college!!

On the way to Sunway Pyramid.. sorry.. too close with wai yew de.. POSER!!

hehe... the main view is not the 2 boys.. but the house behind.. saw?

me and vincent.. lol.. he is so flirty..

They used to be my idols.. haha.. powerpuff girlss!!!

pose!! comon!!

kami sapu lantai untuk u!! haha xD...

Tuck Choi and Me..

kinz and vincent!!


keep goin!!!


we should be sleeping here...

but it happened to be...

how can this be?

We move to another park..

but den... we are overnite in....

The hiking ended after we reached taman mayang.. lim kok weng there la.. lol.. The nite.. we overnite in mathew's house.. it is not wad we had planned earlier la.. but.. mathew's house safer.. hmm.. we are sleeping outside the house not inside.. so.. is like sleeping in garden lo.. haha xD/.. i will post up episode 2 of the hiking and my genting trip tomolo.. nite nite everyone..


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