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Monday, December 10, 2007

a day with KITT & XIAN..

the day b4 senior camp, went kah hoo's house just to pack my bag.. lol.. after tat, went for movie with kitt lei and hui xian.. watched enchanted.. Disney latest movie!! wow. it is awesome.. i like the main character so much.. well.. the story line is just like snow white.. especially the red apple. but the girl name is no longer snow white but GISELLE (Amy Adam) a very pretty girl and she can sing very well.. wow.. i love the songs of the movie.. is so SWEET!!! haha... Before the movie start, we still have an hour to spend. so 3 of us went for lunch (well, the exact word should be brunch) haha... wal and walk just to find a comfortable restaurant. and finally we got 1 ~~~ Kim Gary~~~ the food there is not tat bad.. when u look at the menu but.. went it comes to u, u will juz regret of wad u had order just now.. hmm.. nvm.. evendoe the food is not tat good.. but the people is right.. haha.. xD...

Hui Xian!!
My so call pepper chicken chop rice
it comes with soup!!!
Kim Gary!!!
kitt lei~~~
hehe... caely here!!!


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