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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Genting trip

lol.. i have to post up all my trip before i got another trip on.. lol.. genting trip plan in sudden.. well.. i dont even noe that my mum and sister are going genting with my auntie family. On the nite i back from hiking, mum come to me and said:" wen, we are goin genting tomoro morning. make sure u wake up earlier.. before 8.30. we are leaving at 9.00a.m." lol.. too bad.. i sleep late again.. wake up at 12.00p.m. called my mum and she said..:" o.. we knock on ur door but u didn't answer so we went there 1st. if u wanna stay at home, i put 10 bucks on the table de..but if u wanna come, take lrt and bus here la.. bye bye.. and at tat time.. she is in casino.. ikss.. so i choose to go alone but ofcoz b4 i leave, called my frenz and asked them wanna come along not. and no one come with me beside my cousin.

we reached they at 4p.m. is kinda late. lol... to meet with my sister, we went to the theme park. without knowing why, we can get in without buying ticket and we played 2 games inside.. for FREE!! hehe.. juz dont care.. after i found my sister, we went to our hotel and check in.. lol.. is my auntie who pay for it. HIGHLAND HOTEL!! 3 days 2 nites... the room is RM500+ for a nite.. premier room. lol.. but is very after check in, me and my cousin went to 1st world plaza for dinner. before that, we plan to go for bak kut teh. but after we saw the price.. i dont even dare to think about it.. the price is RM16 per person. lol. so me and my cousin went for pizza and well it cost me RM20.. haha.. nvm.. at least i didnt regret. after dinner, we walked around until we saw th snow world. lol.. went in and have fun.. lol.. wonderful experience.. met some people there.. lol.. as u noe.. caely is friendly@.@.. ahaha...

i didn't get any sleep on tat nite. due to my sorethroat and boredness..and did i tell u tat i don't dare to sleep in genting. lol. so.. i called 1 of my fren who also in genting and thankz for company me on tat nite. well.. around 7.00a.m. i back to my room and have 3 hours sleep. lol.. after tat i went for rock climbing and lunch b4 i leave genting. basically, my mum didn't care about us in the hoe trip. as i noe, she went casino for a nite and the next morning.. she went bentong to have dim sum.. lol.. nvrmind.. coz i dont think i will be happier if i follow her. haha..

lol!!! we took skyway to leave genting.. lol.. hmm. 4 person in 1 cabel car.. so me and my cousin have to share the cabel car with 2 uncle.. well they are around 40++.. and they are taxi driver.. lol.. they said they can drive us to KL central if we pay him 8 bucks.. well is very cheap.. coz normally it will cost u RM20.. so.. me and my cousin take his taxi.. well, b4 we sit on his taxi.. he nvr say any bad words.. but now it start.. den on the way to KL central, he received a call... according to wad he said.. is from a china gal.. and after the call, he go and pick the gal up.. on the way there, he pointed at 1 hotel and said this to his fren:" ahh!! this is the hotel!! RM150 per nite.. good service.. tat day me and xxx come to this hotel ........." the xxx is actually a prostitute... omg.. after he pick up the gal. omg.. the gal is kinda pretty.. is only 20 years old or more than tat la.. because of money.. she willing to be with this uncle.. yieeeerrrr... i juz can't stand it.. anyway.. we reached KL central safely.. haizz.. if this happened to me again, opphh no.. it will not happen to me AGAIN!! IKSSS
lol.. it is me!!! haha..

this is my cousin!! lol..

the view is so nice.. lol.. they dont allow camera and handphone.. noe why?
coz i break the rules.. i bring it in den my handphone spoilt.. coz is too cold inside..

lol.. dont u think i look plump when i sit near her?
come on.. snow ball fight!!!

my sister playing this.. so childish.. well.. she is still a kiddo!!


lol.. i start to love my camera.. haha xD

family pic!! i do think tat i look like mama.. haha

lol.. nice 1...

well.. charge ur battery here for free!!! haha.. but isn't tat convenient..

Ferris wheel!! lol.. RM8 for a ride.. siao!!

we went here for beer!!

lol.. i got 1 more cocktail coming!!!
but.. forgot to take tat picz.. lol.. it is very nice..

lol.. she love beer!! haha

i love the songs they perform.. lovely!!

my little cousin!!

rock climbing.. lol.. i climb up.. successfully.. haha.. xD

lol.. dont u think is scary? iksss.. >.<

follow this.. keep u safe...
last picz.. small.. if he is a guy.. he will be handsome.. but.. she is a gal.. lol


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