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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hiking part 2!!!

lol.. sorry.. i post this lately.. well.. after a trip to genting and penang.. i have forgotten i have to post up this so tat u guyz can collect all the picz.. lol.. paiseh .. hehe.. honestly.. i am kinda fed up of blogging.. without knowing why.. juz think tat.. why i start blogging? it is because i am interested or i am juz following the trend? but.. dont worry.. i will still continue blogging (promise myself i will continue until no readers) hehe..

the 8 km hike start from 8.00am.. lol.. after a short and uncomfortable sleep... ohh.. did i tell u our breakfast is just bread? i mean 1 slice...

okok.. now we are goin to kampung cempaka
base on wad the clue tell us (big talk junction)

leaving from taman megah and walk all the way to big talk junction!!

mummy said... look right and left before u cross the road..
btw.. kianzz u are a lousy traffic guider!!

and welll.. this is the scouter who drive and let us walk!! xD..
hiking ma!!! lol..

here we are in big talk junction.. this is the church near by!!

and our photographer chee kong, cam- whoring.. lol..
still wondering how he take this pic... xS

got the clue..peaceful sister of suria klcc.. lol.. it is juz aman
suria.. but aman suria so big.. where is the next cheCK point??

dont care.. walk there ... juz walk there!!!

from kampung chempaka till aman suria BY CAR
is very near.. but if u wanna walk there.. better DONT!!

this is our check point... hexagon.. why? lol.. because suria
klcc is.. hexagon!!! wad the crap!! so.. we are here..
in hexagon cyber cafe!!

really thankz to our private photographer..

mission time.. come.. lets do a hexagon.. li ching's
1 make from stick..

and mathew's... same.. copy her idea?? or
ur sam you leng sai yat dim tong? lol.. new pair..
coming soon~~~

i dont think it looks like a hexagon.. but.. nvm kin meng..

i think this is wai yews hexagon.. !!
this is the one who copy people idea AGAIN@@
but pls dont copy my pose... ikss.. this is my pose..!!!

hehe.. u can recognise my hand?? lol.. tan 1.. haha
my hexagon from cigarette.. creative? ;p.. but is dirty!

he got no hexagon? lol.. look at the 1 above his head..

hmm.. dont u think his face look more like a hexagon?

this is wad i call smart.. tuck choy!! haha xD
next clue.. fren of ericsson enemy of pensonic..
answer is sony.. but where is it?
finally i am useful.. i noe where it is.. BANDAR UTAMA!!
i am the only who noe.. lol.. xD so proud!!
juz walk from aman suria to bandar utama.. haizzz...
cant stand.. is hot.. i am tan again!!!! thankz to tuck choy's fan!!
lol.. where is sony?
it is the 1 which still in renovation!! see the 1 behind us? lol..
i am exhausted,,,
the next clue brother to KDU!! KBU la.. walk to KBU!! so near..
next stop.. 1U.. yea.. 1u is near.. but BY CAR..
not walk la my fren!! IS FAR.. 23 MINS WALK!!
we are now in the park near to 1u.. ikss.. obstacle course here
omg.. xD
after tat.. we got our mission.. which is.. walk all the way to ikano.
in 15 minz time.. b4 tat is 30.. on the way there.. chee kong's cut it to 15.. xD.. ohh yea.. not only walk yea.. u still have to count step, bearing and draw map.. u think u can do it? in juz 15 min?
yea!! tuck choy is the 1st 1 hu reach powerless ikan!!
next!! our TL!! kin MENG!!!
3RD 1!!!! THE POSER!!!
and now the baboon!!! round applause pls!!!
the money minded and kedekut treasurer!!!
the 5th and 6th!!! our junior TL and the EX one...
i love ur expression mat!!
last 1.. the brothers... haha... vincent and chee ken!!

we are taking piczx... here... thankz to MR Z.. hu we dunno
u.. haha.. chee kong is here..!! wow!!

last but not least ... thankz chee kong!!

if u think tat this is how our hiking end, u are wrong.. lol.. we went for a movie.. yea.. in cineleisure.. watched warlord.. love tat movie.. andy lau is there.. so man.. lam yan mei sam jok!!! lol.. i love andy!! xD


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