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Monday, December 10, 2007

Senior camp..

without knowing why, time go fast during senior camp... the camp was great.. everyone enjoy each moment there.. except secky nagging us!! haha.. jk jk.. since this will be the last time he nag me, so .. i will just take it.. haha.. this is the 1st camp which give out awards.. haha... like it.. thanks to huey EE and Yong miNG!! the husband & wife!! wow!! Wen Han stretcher is comfortable.. everyone make me feel happy there..

the form 5 seniors are all leaving the troop.. without coming back as a scouter.. the moment i love most will be the M.K. night... all of us sang songs, play games and also accept the reward or cheer for the people who get that. this will be my last camp until SPM end. i love scouting.. without any reason. every time i go camp, there is always me alone there.. non of my Girl friend join.. but. i still go for it. because in scout or in camp, u will alwayz find ur friends there..


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