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Monday, January 21, 2008

Am I Wrong / Following the rules

Question number 1, we go school 5 days a week. which day got the less attendants?

haha.... if u are an observant student, you will definitely get it right.. yea.. is Monday. The day we have our assembly. Anyway, the assembly can only be explain by the word bored~~~. Most of us feel bored standing there and listen to the teachers giving their speech on stage. U think is because of this 1st period tatz why the students chose to skip school.. NOOO!! it is because of the climax of the assembly.----> SPOT CHECK . wow... isnt it scary. most of us langgar the school rules more than following it. haha.. For taman sea, if u are wearing angle sockz and the prefects saw u, u either pull ur socks high high.. or pay RM2 to release yourself from them. another case.. hair... i juz can understand why must the gals got all their hair tie up nicely.. hey.. is all the hair.. including BABY HAIR... if ur hair is too short to tie it up, the teacher adviser will "advice" u to use a hair band. not even a single hair allowed to be there. To make sure the boys following the rule, the teacher advisor set this rule. for those students (boy) who didnt get a proper hair cut, will get a free hair cut from the school professional hair stylist. ( Mr Alan or Mr Zaidi ) haha.. no joke k.. they are really professional. lol..

about hand phone? lol.. i believe most of the students bring their hp to school. it is really convenient to have this little IT stuff with u. hehe.. xD.. Fingernails. lol.. i am agree with this. juz because i dont have nice fingernail. So.. i dont mind people as same as me.. wahahah.. wad a selfish me.. >.>... hehe.. last but not least. do u know how much i had contribute to the prefect since form 3? RM20.... juz for tanda sesi.. lol.. i bought alot from the prefect. i think it is around 40.. haha.. dunno.. but until now i still dont have a sesi with me on my white shirt. and i know the way
of hiding it from the prefect.. juz use the pinafore to hide it.. wahaha.. this is wad egg yolk told me.. and until now beside amirah and siew li, no one catch me... blink blink~~


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